Addison turns 3 - m and m cake

I realize I've been MIA for a bit. I blame holiday craziness, but I'm back! I have lots to share!!

Addison turned 3 on Monday and I found an awesome cake on Pinterest! I got more likes on the cake than I ever have!!! I have to say I'm very proud of the cake!

It was easier than it looked I promise you! I made 2 bundt cakes ( I had to level the cakes because I had trouble getting all of one cake out of the pan.- oops!!). Then I cut the cakes ( small chunks at a time) and formed a 3. I frosted the cakes with basic Betty Crocker frosting and covered it thinking the m & m s would take forever. I used 1 jumbo bag of m&ms. I was 3 short so buy more!!! I started with the red in one spot and just went from there.
Only took me about 30 minutes or so - not bad. And best of all Addison LOVED it!! Yeah. Mommy points!

Ill be back tomorrow with a peak at our snowman fridge! Super cute, fun, and easy!!

Abbey :

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