Tricks and Treats Blog Hop

Do you LOVE October as much as I do?  I LOVE decorating and getting ready!!  This year my decorating will be limited as we are moving EVERYTHING out of the first floor of our house to get our hardwood floors redone.  We will be living with my parents for the week of Halloween!  EEK that may be a trick or treat week for us all!

Today my bloggy friends and I are bring you some early tricks and treats to help get you through the week!

How many of you use a word board/rotation board/station board?  We use one for math groups and reading groups.  I have a student who is just having a tough time following through the stations. 

Here is my whole class guided math board:

This is what I made for my special friend who needs it a little closer to him:

Here is my whole class literacy center board:

This is what I made for my special friend who needs it a little closer to him:

It’s a simple cardstock board laminated with each center’s pictures velcroed on.  The table where each center will be located is written with dry erase marker. 

This helps my friend follow along with the routines in the classroom without getting lost moving throughout the room.  All of his answers about where he should be are right in front of him!


As a treat for you all my store will have a BIG sale this weekend 20% off of everything! AND.BOGO Buy one product and email me at and choose any other product in my store ($3 or less) and I will send it to you FREE!!  

Happy Hopping!!


  1. Thanks, Abbey. Have fun at your parents' house!

  2. Good luck with a week at your parents! That would be a scary Halloween for me for sure! LOL

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

  3. I'm nominating you for the Liebster Award!