A Spring in Our Step!

I am SO excited about collaborating with some truly AMAZING bloggers again to start getting excited about the SPRING!  I'm not sure where you live, but where I live we have set snowfall records with over 110 inches of snow!  Temps have yet to go much above 40 and usually by now we are seeing 50s and 60s.  If ever there was a time to get excited about spring, it's now!

Just a few weeks ago, I announced that I was expecting my second child in August!  We were over the moon about the news of course, but just this week we found out the baby is a boy!  Our family will be complete!  Addison is truly excited to become a big sister to baby TJ!

Easter is coming and while I know that not all of you celebrate, I think some of these cutesy crafts we made will make you think of spring!

Bunny Crossing Sign

Spring Centerpiece

Clothespin Butterfly Treats

Salt Dough Eggs

As spring begins, I always start to fast forward to the summer, but this spring I am trying to stop and smell the flowers for bit too! Of course there are things that I wish I had taught or handled differently, but I am working on thinking positively as to what has gone well.  And one thing that has been a huge blessing to me as a teacher is TPT.  Yes, as a seller I have benefited, but I am referring more to how I have benefitted as a teacher.  Whenever I have begun a new unit there are resources to supplement the materials I have.  Just today as I plan to begin a unit on poetry I have NEVER taught before I spent time on Pinterest and TPT finding some AMAZING resources that will in the end save me time and money!  And best of all my first graders will have the benefit of the learning!

Here is spring in Eastern Massachusetts!  

See I wasn't kidding about all of the snow!  
Certainly not looking so springy....

Teaching your kiddos about saving the Earth?  Here is a response pack for use after reading any biography about Rachel Carson - the author of Silent Spring and the woman to get the "save the Earth" ball rolling.  She work tirelessly in the 60's to help control pesticides.  

Looking to practice some math facts with a quick match up activity!

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  1. Congratulations! Babies are so much fun! Thank you for joining us and sharing so many great ideas! Love all of your spring crafts! :)

  2. Congrats on your new family addition! How exciting! I agree with you completely about TPT. I sell on their, but right now I probably spend more than I make. I am constantly finding new things to make me a better teacher. I love it!!