November Pinterest Picks!

Happy Tuesday!  Have you recovered from the let down after Halloween and the BIG time change?

Here are a few goodies to help you get ready for this month!

So, I'm headed back from maternity leave in a few weeks and know that my cubbies need some love - This will be a first to-do on the list!!

I've been working with the Little Lady on show tying and this one seems to be the easiest!

I NEED This!!


  1. Can I just tell you handy the How to Tie Your Shoe Video will be? It will be a lifesaver. Thanks for sharing. I also love the turkey door. Hopefully, I'll get to it before December =)

  2. That shoe tying video is a wonderful find! I'm going to share it with the parents of my firsties. There are a bunch of them who are still struggling with tying up.
    Always Primary

  3. Oh my at the cuteness of that turkey wreath! And my firsties definitely need the shoe-tying video. Thanks for linking up~