Pilgrim Hats, Turkey Shirts, and Thankful for Kiddos

I'm new to this.  My hope for this blog is that I can share some of the things I'm doing in my first grade classroom, but also things I'm trying and doing as a mom!  I hope to learn from anyone reading this, so please share.  That's one things I love about all the blogs I read!  I LOVE teacher blogs (Made For First Grade, The Inspired Apple, Mrs. Jump's Class, The First Grade Parade are just a few).  I LOVE Pinterest too!  It gives me so many ideas to use with my little one!  One of my first grade teacher teammates and I have been throwing around the idea of putting our stuff onto Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) for a long time.  I'm hoping starting my blog will help me do that and I would also LOVE to meet some of you!  (I'm jealous of all the teacher connections some of my favorite bloggers have made!!!)

Pilgrim Hats

Tomorrow we are having a breakfast at school with the other adults.  I have always been the one who stops at Dunkin Donuts on the way to pick up munchkins, but this year I decided I was going to be creative!  Look at the super cute Pumpkin Hats - and better yet, they are SO SO easy!  
Sorry they are wrapped in the picture, but I had to keep the hubs and babe away from the goodies!

All you need are Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies (1 pack), a bag of Mini Reese's Peanut Butter cups, some white frosting, and some yellow food coloring.

I colored the frosting and put the frosting in a ziploc to help squeeze it into the center of the cookie.  Then I unwrapped the peanut butter cup and placed it on the cookie so some frosting snuck out for a boarder.  Finally I squeezed a dab of yellow frosting on the front to make a buckle (I used a Wilton tip for this, but you don't need it!)

Turkey Shirt

I spent the weekend hands sewing this super cute Turkey shirt for my daughter to wear to school today.  She kept asking when I would be done.  She was just so excited about showing her friends!  

Sorry about the upside down feathers.  I promise I will get better at this!  This was pretty easy too.  Another idea I found on Pinterest.  The woman who made it does a great tutorial.  The project can be found on her site  Artsy Fartsy Mama.  The only big difference is that I hand sewed the felt on rather than machine sewing.  All the hard work paid off because my daughter went into school saying "Look at my turkey shirt.  My Mommy made it for me"!!

Thankful for the Kiddos

I like to give my kiddos a little something for each holiday - and Thanksgiving is not an exception!  But I couldn't find anything cute.  That is until I stumbled upon Erica Bohrer's FREEBIE (did you see that FREE!!!) on TPT.  I wish I had taken a picture of the finished product (Maybe there will be time tomorrow before the kiddos leave).  I printed the certificate in color (for each kiddo), filled it out, laminated, and attached a fall pencil.  Here's hoping they love them!

Thanks for reading.  If you enjoyed it, please leave a comment and come visit again soon!


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