The Literacy Teacher's Playbook - week #4 - Interpreting Data and Goal Setting

Welcome back – Week #4!

This week we are working on interpreting and establishing goals for students.  I am one to always set goals FOR students, but I can’t say that I have been great about setting goals WITH students.  So as I was reading this week’s chapter, I was excited to think about how I could make this work with firsties!

First, Jennifer suggests that you look through the data you analyzed – looking through strengths and weaknesses – to find places for growth that are the same across the assessments.  Finding a place for growth that could effect reading and writing.  She also talks about and 80/20 strategy.  What goal would provide 80% of the difference with one goal?

She uses this sentence stem to help you articulate the goal

I think ________ could learn (reading goal) and (writing goal) because in reading I noticed _____ and in writing I noticed_______.

Here comes the part that will be tricky for me – goal setting with the student.  I am all about working with a student to come up with a goal, but I think it is going to be VERY challenging to have the goal be articulated by my firsties. 

One thing I do REALLY like about her conference is that she leaves the student with a post-it with a note about what he or she will be working on (either in words or in pictures) to help remind the student what he or she is working on.  I also plan on setting some dates with kiddos when I meet with them to keep us both accountable!

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Finally, come back next week when we start to make an action plan.  I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for this chapter!!

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