Ready To Learn

Happy Monday!  Here's a quick (kind of scattered) look at some of the learning we did today!

We Are Ready To Learn

When the new year starts, I always forget all of the "little" lessons that you do at the beginning of the year really pay off by the end of the year.  We do a lot with WHOLE BODY LISTENING at our school and I do really like the posters that go with it, they are a little busy for everyday (sometimes every minute!) reference.  So, when I saw Kim Adsit's Blasting Off WIth Reader's Workshop unit on TPT, I jumped on it!  She has some amazing posters and lessons!!  Today I introduced the idea of Reader's Workshop and spent time teaching (and practicing) how kids can be ready to learn.  Take a look at the poster below and see if you can figure out our rules...

Eyes on the speaker
Listening Ears on
Quiet As a Mouse
Sit Like A Pretzel

After lots of practice, the kids were able to glue a copy of the anchor chart into their notebook and draw a picture of themselves following the rules.  A SUCCESS!!


We are a Responsive Classroom School (which is a program that promotes positive learning and behavior habits).  As a part of our first 6 weeks of school and our classroom rule making, each child thinks of one hope or dream for this school year.  Once we do this, students write and decorate their hope and dream.  We then base our rules on how we will achieve our hopes and dreams.  Here's a sneak peak at my Hope and Dream for this year!

Interest Chart for Writer's Workshop

For homework this week, we ask each family to help us fill out an interest chart that will help the firsties think of small moment writing ideas when we begin Writer's Workshop later this week.  Coming up with ideas is always tricky, especially after your churn out your first couple of stories.  I just wanted to share my FAVORITE book to read when talking about how to choose an idea for a story.  

IT"S SO CUTE!  And it reminds kids to write about what they know!  

That's all for now...It's been a long day of work, taking the little lady to swimming lessons, back-to-school picnic, tubby, bed, back-to-school night folders - AHHHH!!!!! I will be back soon with more great things we are up to this week!

Have a great week!

The Teacher Mom :)


  1. That story looks like fun! I'm going to look it up on Amazon. =)

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