Spelling Lists and Spelling Homework for the WHOLE Year AND BIG Bloggy News!

Hi Friends, 

This weekend has been great.  We took the little lady apple picking at one of our favorite spots today.  We got  there as they opened and hoped to beat the crowds, but there was already a backup to get and they weren't even open yet.  However, all the waiting was forgotten once the Hubs and the Little Lady got their hands on some of their FAVORITE apple cider donuts!  YUM - Makes me miss the gluten (but not the sickness!)

Spelling Lists and Homework - For the Whole Year!!

In other news, I FINALLY (mostly) finished my spelling units and uploaded them to Teachers Pay Teachers!  When our phonics program, Fundations, was revised over the summer, my team and I decided to revise our spelling lists and homework to better match the pacing and the skill acquisition of the students. This summer, I spent LOTS of time planning and organizing the new spelling lists and we are ready to start using them next week.  I have made them available to you HERE.  I linked you to my store (which has 6 products now!!), so you can see all of the spelling packs.  If you are interested in purchasing all of the sets (4) as a bundle let me know and I will bundle them at a reduced price!  Check out below for a sample of the first week's list and matching work!  

In Other Bloggy News...

I have decided to hire a blog designer (it's way cheaper than I expected) and get a different design on my blog!  It's under construction for now, but should be installed in the near future. Are you ready?  I am excited for a less generic look!  Any ideas for what I should choose?  

Have a great week friends!  Happy almost October!

A Teacher Mom :)

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