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So, if you have been following me for a while, you will know that I started out on TPT this past fall with some FUNdations inspired spelling lists and activities and moved on to FUNdations practice packs and then moved into FUNdations games.  The games packs came much later into the year (once I had a little idea of what I was doing…), so only half of the units have game packs. 

Instead of waiting until the fall to finish the packs, Mel and I decided to complete the set during May and June, so for those of you who head back to school in August you will be ready.  It also gives us time to expand the sets to Kindergarten and 2nd grade (which we ARE planning on doing starting in JULY!). My spelling lists also need a little “sprucing up”, now that I know how to “fancy” things up a little better J.  Hopefully I will get to those sometime in June too…

In any event, we are ready to share with you our CVC game pack.  Which connects to unit 2 in grade 1 FUNdations, but could really be used in ANY classroom when you are studying CVC words. 

Here are the games you will find:

Here is the pack in a picture preview:

You can find the WHOLE pack HERE (and best of all it’s on sale for 48 hours – 50% off - ONLY $2)!!

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