Secret Admirer

Who Do I Admire?

Here are the clues I gave out this week??

Did you guess??

Really, I could choose SO SO many talented teacher-authors who I have met during my pretty short time selling on TPT.  Last month I chose an AMAZING teacher and highlighted one of her ELA products, so this month I chose math.  And who better to buy a math product from than a math coach??

Totally Sweet Math Centers from Tabitha is a great place for teachers of all grade levels K-5 to check out.  She has SO many great products.  The one I chose to review actually has versions for grade 1-4, so even if you don’t teach first, you could TOTALLY use this in your room!!

I chose to try out Tabitha’s Math Game Galore.  You all know how I feel about games – I LOVE THEM! 

This game pack is AMAZING and a MUST HAVE for a few reasons. 

First of all the content is COMMON CORE ready.  And when I say Common Core I mean it.  The games come with 5 separate sets of cards.  The first grade version includes math facts to 20, comparing numbers, place value, true or false equations, and MY FAVORITE – the word problems.  These word problems are HIGH level thinking and EXACTLY what the CCSS is expecting firsties to be able to do.  However, finding sets that include these tricky problems for firsties is HARD!! 

Here is a peek at the word problem cards (all sets look similar – the border color changes for each set).

Second, AMAZING reason to LOVE the set is that it has a take home component.  You simply print the game boards and directions and glue to a file folder and send home.  I set up a rotation where they got a different set of cards each Monday and had to return the cards on Friday.  The game boards were theirs to keep!  Families, LOVED this!  They enjoyed having a learning game that all kids could access and they knew they were practicing math at home!

I copied the covers onto colored papers and glued them to the front.  I laminated them for durability. 

Here are the directions and they are on the back cover. 

Here are two of the game boards.  There are more options too!!

Tabitha has been nice enough to share a sample for you HERE

If you are ready to take the plunge to check out the whole set find the grade you are looking for below.

Check out her blog too – She always has some great stuff to share!!


  1. What a wonderfully sweet post! Thank you so much for sharing one of my favorite activities with others!

  2. Great work Tabitha and Abbey!! Thanks for sharing, Jayne
    Smart Kids

  3. Wow such a great idea! I think my parents would much rather play a game with their kid than do a worksheet! I need to wish list these!