Birthday Bash!

Are you celebrating a certain (not-to-be named) author’s birthday next week at your school?  We are having a birthday bash.  Among other things we are all decorating our doors.  We could choose any book and I chose one of my ALL TIME FAVS  The Lorax!!

Here’s a peek at my door pre-truffula trees!

Then today, I made some truffula trees to go in my classroom and around the door.  Used Mrs. Lodge’s Library tutorial and they were pretty easy!  THANKS JESS for sharing!!

Here are my trees! I made some green too, but I COULD NOT get all of those trees to stand up at the same time in the same place…

My little lady and her classmates have been loving some of the bingo games that I have purchased for her class to use.  Since, I am celebrating the BIG BIRTHDAY at my school, I thought I would extend it to hers.  I made a birthday bash bingo game which does NOT require reading, so it would be good for pre-school all the way to 3rd or 4th grade!  A fun way to celebrate!  Best of all – It’s on sale until I go to bed tonight 50% off, so it’s only $1!!  Click HERE to check it out on TPT!

How are you celebrating??  Share in the comments!

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  1. Your blog is absolutely adorable! I certainly am! If you need a free Seuss Reader's Theater - Green Eggs and Ham.. here it is! GREEN EGGS AND HAM
    Jen :)
    Thank you!