Vowel Team Game Pack #2

This year we are formally working with vowel teams, something that up until this year we did informally with everyone and more formally only when it cam up in Guided Reading groups.  Therefore, we are committed to making many new games to help our kiddos practice reading words with these sounds.  Last week, we introduced the first set of vowel teams games for ay and ai.  I used them in my classroom this week and my kiddos LOVED them.  They were asking for more!  I had to finish the ee/ea/ey games for them to use this week!

We decided to use the same four games in this set as the last.  I promise we will change them up as we go along, but for now we want to conserve direction giving time to maximize learning time. 

Here is the preview…

Find the pack HERE!

It will be $2 for the first 24 hours its up…Get it while its on sale!! J

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