Five For Friday - Dr. Seuss STYLE! How We Celebrated the DR!

I have not linked with Five For Friday in quite some time, but I figured this week would be the perfect time.  With Read Across America Week this week we have had a SEUSS filled week!  The school started off the week with “Wear a T-shirt With A Message” Day, then Tuesday was “Silly Sock” day for Fox In Sox.  Wednesday was wear GREEN day for Green Eggs and Ham and Thursday was wear RED AND BLUE for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and finally Friday was dress like your favorite book character day!  Talk about BUSY!!


We were all asked to decorate our doors for the week.  Of course, I couldn’t help myself but look at Pinterest for ideas…and I found THE LORAX.  How perfect?  I used the ELMO to enlarge the movie poster for tracing and viola!  Over the weekend I got inspired to make some truffula trees to go with the door (which were easier than they look) and this was the end result.  What do you think??

2.  Parent Readers

Parents are always interested in helping out in the classroom and we are so busy with curriculum it can sometimes be hard to find the time.  Dr. Seuss week is a great opportunity to have guest readers.  I asked parents to come in to read their favorite Dr. Seuss book.  It was great fun to see how excited my firsties were to see their moms and dads coming in to read!  We heard some great books this week, The Cat In the Hat, Bartholomew and the 500 Hats, There’s a Wocket In My Pocket, and Oh The Places You Will Go!.  I only wish one of them wanted to be photographed ;), then you could see how much fun they were having too!

3.  Book Character Day

So TODAY was book character day.  Of course, it wasn’t until Sunday that I started thinking about what I would be.  I Pinterested it and found some AMAZING ideas.  Of course, all of them required LOTS of work or money.  I got stuck on being the girl from The Bad Case of the Stripes.  I really wanted to buy some rainbow leg warmers or arm warmers, but none were PRIME eligible, so instead of waiting 14-28 days (NOT HELPFUL!), I decided to buy duct tape and line my sleeves and leggings with rainbow tape.  I am NOT going to be doing the face paint, but I may do some colorful sticker dots on my face for the morning. 

Here is how it turned out:

4.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 (Well really just Thing 1…)

This activity was from a TPT pack that is no longer available due to the good DR’s copyrighting.  However, it could totally be recreated in a less SEUSSY way. 

On Monday kids used this spinner to build read and nonsense –ing words. 

On Tuesday, they used their list of real –ing words to write sentences on 4 pages (circle shaped to be the belly of Thing 1).

Finally, I found time today (Friday) to put the Things together and stapled their booklet to the belly.  How cute are these???

5.  Cat In the Hat Glyphs

Last year, I found this AMAZING pack that is totally NOT (YES IT IS) aligned with the Dr.’s BIG week!  One of the projects in the pack is a “SILLY CAT” glyph.  I have renamed it The Cat In the Hat Glyph.  On Wednesday, each child completed a Glyph book.

This helped me to figure out how many of each piece I would need. 

Then on Thursday we put them all together and hung them in the room. 

I made a set for the Little Lady’s classroom to make too.  Though, they did not make a glyph, just cats!  Here she is proudly displaying the model she made for her teacher to use J


This is a mom addition, but I wanted to share.  I guess you can tell I got into this week, but I also got my daughters classroom into it!  I made these Truffulla Tree cupcakes for her room!  They were easier than they look.  Cover the cupcakes with green frosting, add a pirouette cookie for a tree and use cotton candy for the tree and VOILA You are DONE!


  1. I LOVE those cupcakes - they look so impressive! Your daughters' teachers must love you with the glyph and the cupcakes. You have an adorable blog, too!

  2. Love all of your activities this must have been busy Abbey! Love your creative!
    Elyse :)
    Proud to be Primary