Games, Games, Games

Games, Games, Games…

If there is one thing I have learned about first grade I know that routines and expectations are paramount.  If there is a second thing I have learned about first grade it would be to make it FUN!

And that is exactly what we aim to do.  In Unit 10 of Grade 1 FUNdations, students are learning how to read and write words with 5 sounds (blends at the beginning and end of words) and how to add the suffixes –ed and –ing to words.  This game pack will help you practice all of these skills.  3 games geared toward blends and 2 geared toward suffixes –ed and –ing. 

Here is a preview…

Check out the whole pack HERE.  It will be on sale for $2 (50% off) for the first 24 hours it’s up – so grab it FAST!!

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