-ed, -ing, -es, -s - It's a SUFFIX party!

I cannot believe that we are already up to Unit 13!  When Mel and I started these units, we were just starting out here on TPT and figuring out what in the world we were doing.  Now here we are almost 6 months later and we have all of you!  Thanks for the love, support, and listening ears as we found our way!

We are bringing you our second to last FUNdations practice pack for first grade.  (If you teach k, 2, or 3 we are in the planning stages for those…)  This unit focuses on adding the suffixes –ed and –ing to two syllable words and adding the suffix –es to all words taught thus far. 

Here is a preview of the pack:

You can find the set HERE!

Stay tuned.  We hope to have Unit 14 out this week and then we will be bundling the WHOLE YEAR for some BIG BIG BIG savings! 

Also, the next FREE-FOR-ALL starts on Friday 4.4!!!  I promise I will share more soon!!

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