A Personal Day, A Bundle, and Some Turkey Day FUN!

Hi Again!

I took today off as a personal day so that I could go to the Little Lady's conference!  It was great to be able to drop her off and pick her up!  The conference was nice to - getting to hear all about her day at school and how she is with her friends.  I even got a quick minute to visit with her when she came back from gym (and she was named GYM STAR of the day!).  What a treat!  Even better than that we snuck out for a quick lunch with my dad.  Gotta LOVE special days off!

While the little lady was at school I did manage to finish two products I had hoped to have out before now - Our Phonics BUNDLE (combined set of our first 4 phonics pack at a reduced price) and a set of Thanksgiving Literacy and Math Centers (better late than never - RIGHT???)  Read on to check out what's included and hop over to TPT to purchase!

Phonics Practice Bundle!

So, Mel and I have been really busy setting up our Fundations aligned phonics packs.  We are happy to announce, since we have finished the 4th pack, we bundled the first 4 packs together for a BIG savings!  The first pack focused on CVC words, the second on digraph words, the third on bonus letter words, and the most recent focused on the glued sound - am and -an.  Even though we use Fundations and have connected the packs to the units, they can really be used with any phonics instruction because the packs are skilled based.  You can read more about each pack HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE (these are links to my original blog posts for each of the packs.  You can find the Phonics Practice Bundle HERE in my TPT store.  

Here are some glimpses of what you will find in the bundle.

Thanksgiving Math and Literacy Centers

I wanted to make a set of Halloween math and literacy centers, but time got away and I didn't finish them in time.  I had hoped to get this set out MUCH MUCH sooner than a week before the BIG day, but better late than never.  Plus, maybe you are a planner and would like to purchase these centers for next year ;)  

I have created 4 centers .  Take a look at some of what is included.  You can find it on TPT HERE!

That's all for tonight!  I am going to enjoy my last minutes of my L-O-N-G weekend!  Be sure to check out the new stuff in my store and leave some feedback (you get credits toward future purchases if you leave feedback on TPT!).  I hope to be back later this week with an addition to my spelling packs (It will be included in the BUNDLE for those of you who have already purchased it and a phonics pack focused on the suffix s.  :)

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