A Spooky 5 For Friday from ONE Tired Teacher

TGHIO!!  Can you guess?  Thank Goodness Halloween is OVER!!!  Starting last Friday and running through today this week has possibly been the busiest week  in a L-O-N-G time.  Between Halloween events, family pictures, and birthday parties (and throw in a cold for the little lady and now me!)  I am toast!  Stick a fork in me - I'm done!  The Hubs will be lucky if I make it to 9 ;)  

Let's see how much I can share in this Halloween themed 5 For Friday (with a bonus family tip!) before I pass out!

1.  First Annual Costume Parade

I've mentioned before that we have a new principal this year and she has made some welcome changes to our community events.  She started a (hopefully) tradition of a costume parade.  The WHOLE school K-5 dressed up in costumes (or just in orange and black) and lined up for a parade through the neighborhood around our school.  It was GREAT to see so many families lining the street and even neighbors coming out of their houses to see us all.  The kids and the teachers had a great time (Even if it was a little LOT chilly!)  I took a few pictures, but they are all of kiddos and their faces, so here's one of me and my sister-in-law at   the Little Lady's school party.  

And before you ask...YES I did dress as a Care Bear for the WHOLE DAY!  It was actually FABULOUSLY comfy!!  Already looking forward to next year's parade!

2.  Pumpkin Painting

Every year I ask my kiddos to send in a pumpkin (one they can carry) for a little pre-Halloween decorating fun.  Some colleagues I have worked with have tried to carve them - I have NEVER been that brave, but I do like some painting with my firsties.  I was lucky enough to have 5 moms who were willing to come in to help with the setting up and the cleaning up.  The pumpkins dried overnight and were all dry and ready for the kiddos to decorate our room with them Halloween morning.  I let them choose where in the room they wanted to put them and they seemed to like to cluster them together.  Here a pick of one cluster.

3.  Halloween Themed Math Centers

Teaching new content on Halloween is always interesting, but there is no reason for it to be a wasted day!  I choose to theme my math games for Halloween around the holiday.  I had three centers planned, but because the parade went a bit longer than planned, I cut out the Jolly Jack Pumpkins Number Order.  Here are the other two...

Batty Addition Bingo 

Jolly Jack Number Models (Which of course now I can't find where I saved the picture ...maybe I should pop to bed now? ! ?)  In any event this activity asked kids to add and subtract using 10-Frames filled in with different pumpkins!

I got these two packs HERE and HERE.  Both are from Made In First Grade.  

4.  Halloween Themed Literacy Centers

From the same packs I linked above I made these Halloween literacy centers...

Scaredy Cat Real and Nonsense Words (all CVC words)

Nighttime ABC Order

Bat Facts Sentence Scramble

5.  Halloween Afternoon Crafts

In the afternoon, I gave in to the FUN and tried out these games and crafts!

Halloween Bingo from Apple of My Eye.  

The Little Lady played this game in her class too and LOVED it. 

Candy Corn Men from Made in 1st Grade

Bats FREEBIE from A Cupcake for the Teacher

BONUS:  Family Pictures with Another AMAZING Teacher!

So obviously I didn't finish this on Friday or even Saturday morning, but better late than never RIGHT??  Here's my bonus from our photo shoot last weekend. I am in LOVE with our pictures again this year. Special thanks to Cady from picture you happy photography. She's a teacher and mom who does amazing photo work on the side. Check out her work linked above!  

Here are my favorites!!