TWO NEW PRODUCTS - and save on a BUNDLE!

Two posts in one week and 3 new products this week - I am on a roll.  Don't expect this motivation to last though ;)  I'm sure I will be tuckered out soon enough!  Tonight's post will be quick.  I just want to share what's new in my store - come check it out!

Digraphs Practice Pack

Here is the second pack in the series.  Thanks again to my AMAZING friend and colleague, Melanie, for helping with this pack.   This pack matches up with Fundations Phonics Unit 3, but could really be used by anyone teaching digraphs.  The digraphs included in this pack are sh, th, ch, wh, and ck.  There are also some trick word practice sheets focusing on to, into, as, has, he, she, be, me, we.  Take a look below to get a sneak peek and follow the link HERE to check out the pack on TPT


Craft Moves with The Night of  the Veggie Monster by George McClements

We have been working on the Personal Narrative Unit from Lucy Calkins for the last couple months and the kids have become AMAZING writers.  I was nervous about starting this bend because it required kids to find and use craft moves - something I had only touched on in the past, but they did SO well.  Many parents even spoke about their kids talking about these craft moves at home!  We found 3 main craft moves in this mentor text, ellipses, exact action words, and POP-OUT words.  After spending some time on each of these and trying them out I placed one of these in each child's writing folder for reference.  

You can find these HERE in my shop!

Lucy Calkins Writing Poster Bundle (Personal Narrative Grade 1)

Now that we are moving into the publishing phase of our writing unit, I decided to bundle all of the Personal Narrative Mini-charts I made into one easy to print and copy pack (of course at a BIG discount compared to buying each separately).  Here are some of the posters included in the bundle.

Find it HERE in my TPT store!

That's all for tonight!  Hopefully I will make it back tomorrow to post a bit about our week - until then TGIF!!

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