Take Me Back Tuesday (A Day Late...) and a TURKEY TREAT!

I have been seeing lots of my bloggy friends link up to Hope's Take Me Back Tuesday and I kept thinking that I can't do that, I haven't been blogging long enough.  However, I realized that I dipped my toes in last Turkey Day and have a goodie or two to share.  I also have a newbie turkey day treat (thanks Pinterest!) that my co-workers enjoyed today!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Don't get used to daily posts!  Let's not get too crazy, but I'm into this whole blogging thing now!  I got my first couple of comments on the blog (Please leave a comment at the bottom!).  One of which is another teacher blogger Heather's Hearts.  Check out her site!  I have only had a quick minute to check it out, but at first glance it looks great!  Also, she taught me how to add a way for you to follow my blog!!  I love followers!  The link is at the top of my blog, right under the title.  PLEASE FOLLOW ME!!


I made these cornucopias for my daughter's teachers at school,  for a few of my favorite ladies at my school, and of course my friendly neighbors!  My husband was very skeptical as we were buying the ingredients!  He was sure this would be a big FAIL!  Shockingly they were a success!!  
Found these on Pinterest too!  The original idea came from Make Life Delicious.  You start with sugar cones and dip the bottoms in hot water.  The original link says warm water, but I found the cones weren't flexible unless the water was H-O-T!  The you nuke the cone for 20-25 secs.  Be careful you don't burn the cone!  Immediately after taking the cone out of the microwave, mold the cone around a pencil and hold for 20-30 seconds!  The let is set for a few minutes and it re-hardens pretty quickly.  I filled them with Christmas M &M's mostly because that's what I could find, but they would have probably looked better just with regular since I made them for Turkey Day.  Finally, I used a FREEBIE (I love FREE!) from Amanda's Parties To Go to make the gift tags.  Easy Peasy!

Thankful for the Kiddos (Part 2)

I had a free minute before the kiddos arrived today and took a quick pic of the project I blogged about yesterday (check it out if you missed it!!).  

The link to the FREEBIE is also on yesterday's blog!  It's not too late to make these for your kiddos.  We can be thankful any time!

Cupcake Teepees


Tomorrow we are headed to my mom's for dinner.  Among other goodies, I told her I would bring over a new dessert I found on Pinterest - Cupcake Teepees.  They looked SO CUTE.  The original project can be found a These Are A Few of My Favorite Things.   I had 2 WHOLE hours to myself this afternoon and I decided to try cooking without an almost  year old underfoot!  This would be a breeze right??  WRONG

Promise me you won't judge me for my disaster I'm about to post!  And don't be discouraged from trying it - You are probably better than I!  

Here they are in the oven...

I especially loved the mess of cupcake that ended up on the bottom of my oven- AWESOME!!  

Oh well - We all must fail sometime!  I must feel comfortable with this blogging thing already as I am already sharing a HUGE FAIL in public!  :)

I hope you all enjoyed today's blog.  Comment below and follow me!
Most of all have an amazing Turkey Day with your families and friends.  Remember all that we have and be thankful for it all!  I'm already thankful for you!


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