Pilgrims, Turkeys, and Publishing...Just Another Week In First Grade!

HI All!

I have been absent all week from the bloggy world and I am so sorry.  This week was busier than expected and with the Little Lady's Open House on Wednesday, I got totally behind!  I am happy to say though that my little TPT store is growing and we increased our followers in a HUGE way this week - so thanks for the LOVE!  I am back with 2 newbies - one of them is a FREEBIE!!!  Read on to see some of what we were up to this week....

1.  Pilgrims

You all know that I LOVE Teri from Cupcake for the Teacher!  I love making her crafts with my kiddos on Fridays!  Today was no exception.  We made Pilgrims (which I need to talk more about next week, since many kids had NO IDEA what a Pilgrim was).  There were boy and girl Pilgrims and they kids could choose what they wanted to make.  Then the wrote one thing they are thankful for on the writing lines.  You can check out Teri's blog linked above and find the Pilgrim craft HERE on TPT.  

2.  Spelling Fill-Ins

Earlier this year I made spelling lists for each week and word writing practice pages, ABC order sheets, and sentence writing sheets for homework all connected with the Fundations phonics program (but they could be used in any classroom though!)  There was one more set I had wanted to finish for awhile, but I kept getting distracted by everything else.  Anyway...this week I stuck with it and finished the final pack in the set - Fill-In the Blanks.  This pack has already been included in my bundle, so if you already purchased my bundle just re-download it and the fill-ins will be there.  Here's a peek at the pack that you can find HERE.  The bundle can be found HERE!

3.  Noun and Verb FREEBIE!!!

You all have been LONG overdue for a FREEBIE!!  Here it is - Nouns and Verbs sort.  My kiddos have been doing a lot of work with nouns and verbs, but now it's time to mix them up and sort them out.  Here's the perfect activity for you to use in your room!  Find the FREEBIE HERE!

4.  Turkey Dinner Game

I have been using Made for 1st Grade's Turkey Time Math and Literacy Centers.  This week we played the Turkey Dinner Game.  I totally meant to take pictures of the kids playing the game, but I was busy with the little ones and it slipped my mind.  Basically the game asks kids to choose a card from the pile, read the word on the card, and then use the word in a sentence.  If they can do this they can keep the card, if not it goes back into the pile.  There are some "Turkey Dinner" cards mixed in which makes you lose your cards!  Here are some peeks at the game.  

You can find this great game HERE or you could check out Made for 1st Grade's blog HERE!

5.  Personal Narrative Publishing

We are coming to the end of the first Lucy Calking writing unit!  It's time to publish our personal narratives!  We have revised, edited, rewritten, made covers, and an about the author page!  Now all I have to do is put the books together this weekend, so we can have our BIG celebration on Monday!  I plan to decorate the room up a bit for the event, so I will (try to remember) post pictures of the big moment!!  Are you working on this unit too?  Check out all of the supplements I have in my little store!

That's all for now friends!  I hope you all have an AMAZING weekend!  My 15th high school reunion is tomorrow and I'm not sure that I am up for going...Only time will tell!  Do you go to your reunions??  Are they worth it?? 

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