AM and AN Phonics Pack

I hope you are having a nice weekend! There won't be a Five For Friday this week, but I will try for one next Friday.  We had a busy week and we have been creating more and more products for TPT!  I'm back today with the 4th in our phonics packs - focusing on the glued sounds -am and -an (m and n are nasal sounds, so they change the sound of the a in short vowel words).  We should have a bundle (packs matching Fundations Units 2-5) ready for purchase by later tonight - with BIG savings of course!

Here's a sneak peek at the latest pack...

If you like what you see you can find it HERE for only $3 or get the CVC pack, digraph pack, bonus letter pack, and am and an pack for only $9 (a $4 SAVINGS!!)  I should be back tomorrow with a set of Thanksgiving Math and Literacy Centers (better late than never - right?) and a link to the phonics bundle!

Enjoy your Sunday! :)

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