Goldilocks, Hiking, Turkeys, and a little ME time - 5 For Friday :)

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Hi Again!

I am back two days in a row!  At least as I am beginning this post, it is still Friday - hopefully I can finish it before tomorrow ;)!  This week has been a bit unusual - a field trip, two short days for conferences, and a long weekend coming up, but we still managed to fit in LOTS of learning and LOTS of fun!  I even was able to sneak out for a little ME time on Wednesday with my sister-in-law- Check out #5 to see what we made ;)

Super thankful this week for the TPT LOVE I have been getting this week.  If you have made a purchase, please consider leaving me some feedback on TPT (you get points!!).  Thanks :)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears:  The Play

Last week we read James Marshall's version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We then talked about how to retell a story by using ALL of the characters, the settings, problem, and solution.  The kids thought the story and activity were fun!  We even made bear shaped books to help them retell the story at home too!  This week we continued the fun by using Kim Adsit's reader's theatre version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  I made character necklaces for each child and split the class into 4 groups (2 groups of 5 and 2 groups of 6).  I assigned the parts so that it was easy for the kids to read.  I couldn't get any good pictures of the plays since the kids were in the way :)  So here are some of the necklaces and the play!

Craft Moves With George McClements The Night of the Veggie Monster

So yesterday, I shared with you my mini-poster for the craft moves we found in The Night of the Veggie Monster.  Here's a peek at my whole class poster we made.  The kids LOVED this.  Though, because we focused so much on these three craft moves, I feel like they think these are the only ones they can use....There's my teaching point for next time I guess :)

If you would like to look at the mini-poster or my writing posters bundle click HERE or HERE!

FIELD TRIP - Weather Observatory and a HIKE!

We traveled to Blue Hills Observatory on Wednesday.  We really lucked out - having such nice weather!  It was gorgeous.  The group I was with started at the weather observatory watching weather videos, checking out the weather instruments and even climbing to the observation tower.  Here's the view of Boston from the top!

Then we hiked down the mountain.  It was such a nice hike (and I am grateful we got to hike down and not up!).  That is of course until we saw a snake and everyone panicked.  Nothing like a little drama to spice up a field trip!  

Overall a great trip and one I would love to do again next year - :)

Turkey Centers 

If you have visited my blog before, you will probably recognize the next two centers.  I think I may own the entire Made for 1st Grade store (not really, but I have a lot!).  I love the centers that they use for each season.  They are fun and engaging and match up PERFECTLY to the CCSS.  I choose to copy 8 sets on 8 different colors of paper.  That way the cards won't get too mixed up and they can be easily sorted.  Then I laminate them and they are ready to use!

This week I started using their Turkey Time Nouns and Verb Sort.  Of course I meant to take pictures....did I think of it....NO!  Here's a screen shot of the recording sheet.  Picture two columns of cards organized in the same way for the sorting.  The kids LOVED it and did really well.  NOTE:  I took out the word Indian from nouns, because we don't use that term, you may choose to too!

Then today I tried the Turkey Sentence Scramble.  These sentences were a little bit harder than the first few sentence sorts they did.  The sentences did not have capital letters to signify the beginning or punctuation to end the sentence.  They were tricky and because of that there were multiple correct answers for each one!  Once they got past the changes. they LOVED it and it helped that the sentences are really FUNNY.  Here's a peek!

Head on over to Made in 1st Grade's TPT store HERE right now to get your copy!

Time FOR ME!  

Last year, my sister-in-law and I took the first 2 Wilton Cake decorating classes.  And while they were fun - they take a lot of time to prep for and TIME is fleeting lately.  So, I wasn't sure I was totally in for Class #3, but it was GREAT!   The class is focused on gum paste and fondant, which you have to buy (but I don't have to make it!!!!!!!), so there is nothing to prep for next week - YEA!!  

Here's what we made this week:



We also made some bases for flowers we will make next week, but depending on how they come out I may or may not share ;)

That's all for now!  Hopefully you all have a great long weekend!  I have some fun family time planned, but I also have enough time to relax a bit too.  I hope to be back Sunday or Monday with 2 new pack - Sight Words List #2 and Bonus Letter Practice and a give away too ;)


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