Snowman fridge

So Tuesday morning ( New Year's Day) we woke up as if it were any regular day. Addison was still on a high from her birthday the day before and she knew we were heading to her Nana's for another birthday celebration that night. Needless to say she needed a project ( while the hubs and I just wanted to finish putting away Christmas stuff before we went back to work.) We went outside to make that snowman Ad's been dying to make but the snow was too fluffy ( not good snowman snow at all!) That's when we decided to turn our fridge into a

I promise this one is easy too! All you need is some construction or scrap booking paper and some wrapping paper. The part that took the longest was the clearing off of the fridge of all my junk! But that was a good way to begin the new year right??

Take a look and I would LOVE to hear what you think of it! Plus stop back tomorrow. I promise to share more teacher stuff tomorrow. I have 3 AWESOME activities I got from TPT this week that my firsties loves!! Pics to come!!

Addison turns 3 - m and m cake

I realize I've been MIA for a bit. I blame holiday craziness, but I'm back! I have lots to share!!

Addison turned 3 on Monday and I found an awesome cake on Pinterest! I got more likes on the cake than I ever have!!! I have to say I'm very proud of the cake!

It was easier than it looked I promise you! I made 2 bundt cakes ( I had to level the cakes because I had trouble getting all of one cake out of the pan.- oops!!). Then I cut the cakes ( small chunks at a time) and formed a 3. I frosted the cakes with basic Betty Crocker frosting and covered it thinking the m & m s would take forever. I used 1 jumbo bag of m&ms. I was 3 short so buy more!!! I started with the red in one spot and just went from there.
Only took me about 30 minutes or so - not bad. And best of all Addison LOVED it!! Yeah. Mommy points!

Ill be back tomorrow with a peak at our snowman fridge! Super cute, fun, and easy!!

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