Bonus Letter Pack and Thanksgiving Sight Words

What a nice L-O-N-G weekend!  The extra day was SO VERY nice to have this week!  We had a pretty typical weekend, so the extra day was great!  (Can I say that enough??)  I worked hard to finish 2 packs this weekend - the fourth in our phonics pack series and the second in my sight word games pack.  Read on to check them out and read to the end to hear about my GIVEAWAY tonight!  


Here is a great bonus letter practice packet for you to use! All you have to do is print and copy. Short vowel words that end with f, l, s, and sometimes z get a bonus letter at the end - cuff, fuzz. It is closely aligned to CCSC and Wilson's Fundations program (unit 4 - bonus letters and glued sound -all). The pack includes 10 digraph practice sheets (one for each day of the unit) and 8 trick word practice pages (I, they, you, your, was, one, said). 

Here are some pics of the pack, which can be found HERE.


Here is a GREAT set of sight word games perfect for Kindergarten or first grade. This set of 6 games focuses on 20 common sight words (as, for, yes, has, he, his, big, work, well, be, will, not, red, off, much, said, tell, run, they, but). I have a different set of fall sight words with different words in my store as well.

This game pack includes:
- Bingo
- Memory
- Go-Fish
- Chutes and Ladders
- Turkey Time

Find this pack HERE!

Here's a look...

I hope you like our new packs!  Mel and I have been having a great time making them for you!  In honor of being so productive this weekend.  We are throwing a little giveaway.  We will give away either of these 2 packs (sight words or bonus letters) to someone who comments here on the blog on over on our facebook page (make sure you like the FB page too!)  Please leave your email address and which pack you would like to win!  We will choose a winner tomorrow morning at 7 EST!  Good Luck!! :)

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