Ready Confetti for the New School year!

The last two days have been a whirlwind. We have a new principal ( who I already love!) and she let us have most of our teacher days to set up - which was so amazing!!  I felt like I had enough time to set up!!  I also met the kiddos today for a quick meet and greet. I didn't get as many kids as I had hoped, but it was nice to have time to talk to the new kids. 

Ready Confetti

I found this idea from the Lucky to be in First blog. She found it from someone else and as far as I know the poem's author is unknown!  ( is it you??  I want to give you credit!!). I loved the idea and got my team to make them too!! I handed them out at the meet and greet for those that came and mailed the rest!  Hopefully the will arrive in time!!

Here is the poem. I would be happy to email my copy if you want it!  Just leave your email as a comment or on my teacher mom Facebook page!

I bought way too much confetti. FYI you only need one package for a whole class!! I guess I have some for next year!

Here's the envelope and outside label!

Here is the direction sign for the ready confetti treats!!

Flip Books

Check out this amazing product from TPT store of Ashley Reed. Here's the link for the EDITABLE document!

I LOVE how they turned out and the parents who got them today were so complementary!  

Mom Stuff
In addition to all my school stuff this week. I have also been doing the preschool orientation thing with my little lady. We made this for her teacher in preparation for her meet and greet tomorrow!

Get the printable FREE here!!

Her last gymnastics class is tomorrow too. She will be taking a break from gymnastics for the fall season so we made this for her teacher who she loved- Mr. Gary!!

I hope you like what I shared tonight. I would love to hear from you!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE comments both here and on my teacher mom Facebook page. 

Ill be back next week, but until then I'm enjoying my last weekend of the summer!!

The Teacher Mom :)

Classroom Sneak Peek!

II spent the day working hard in the humid stickiness that was lingering around today. So not a fan, but I made some great progress on my room before our first day for teachers tomorrow!!

Here is my door. I went all in with the owl theme this year. I have never done a real theme before but I am currently obsessed with owls!!

Here is my birthday board. A great find from teachers pay teachers (TPT). It's all printable and editable to add/ change birthdays!   Check it out  at the teacher gene store on TPT!

White board wall with jobs and picture direction cards. All from TPT. Jobs are from a cupcake for my teacher who is one of my favorites and the picture directions are from Miss Kindergarten Love!! 

This is my reading and math workboard wall. Soon this area will be filled with important work for the kiddos!!

Calendar board.  Here's hoping the teachers cauldron make some new September calendar cards ( best of all they are free!!). I used them for June and loved them!  Until then I need to reuse some old cards. It look so empty!!

Eek!!  I still need to finish unpacking my book nook!  I'm not sure why I'm avoiding it but I haven't done it. It's a MUST do tomorrow!!

Let me know what you think of my room!!  Ideas??  What can I make better or more clear??  

Ill be back tomorrow with my ready confetti presents for the kids and a flip book we are trying out to help streamline all the back to school information for families!

Thanks for reading!!
The teacher mom


Where I teach, the kiddos don't come back until next week, so in the meantime I am busy checking off the million and one things I wanted to do around the house this summer and waited until this weekend to do.  I am also busy getting ready ready for my new troupe of kiddos.  I get to meet them on Thursday and I'm making a super special surprise I really hope they (and their families) will like!  I will be back to share them later this week!  (I promise I will be better about blogging!)

Swim Teacher Gift

The little lady's last swim class for the summer is tonight and while she will be continuing into the fall, she will have a new teacher after Labor Day.  So we made her a little treat (though where we stopped they only had off-brand swedish fish- not sure how good they will be - It's the thought that counts right?????

I totally rotated this before I saved it, but it's still sideways!  Anyone have an idea on how to fix that???

Anyway...I'm off to try to get the little lady to nap for a bit and maybe I can finish a project or two!  I'll be back tomorrow with some classroom pictures!!

Leave me some comments.  I love to hear from you!!!

The Teacher Mom