Where I teach, the kiddos don't come back until next week, so in the meantime I am busy checking off the million and one things I wanted to do around the house this summer and waited until this weekend to do.  I am also busy getting ready ready for my new troupe of kiddos.  I get to meet them on Thursday and I'm making a super special surprise I really hope they (and their families) will like!  I will be back to share them later this week!  (I promise I will be better about blogging!)

Swim Teacher Gift

The little lady's last swim class for the summer is tonight and while she will be continuing into the fall, she will have a new teacher after Labor Day.  So we made her a little treat (though where we stopped they only had off-brand swedish fish- not sure how good they will be - It's the thought that counts right?????

I totally rotated this before I saved it, but it's still sideways!  Anyone have an idea on how to fix that???

Anyway...I'm off to try to get the little lady to nap for a bit and maybe I can finish a project or two!  I'll be back tomorrow with some classroom pictures!!

Leave me some comments.  I love to hear from you!!!

The Teacher Mom

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