Classroom Sneak Peek!

II spent the day working hard in the humid stickiness that was lingering around today. So not a fan, but I made some great progress on my room before our first day for teachers tomorrow!!

Here is my door. I went all in with the owl theme this year. I have never done a real theme before but I am currently obsessed with owls!!

Here is my birthday board. A great find from teachers pay teachers (TPT). It's all printable and editable to add/ change birthdays!   Check it out  at the teacher gene store on TPT!

White board wall with jobs and picture direction cards. All from TPT. Jobs are from a cupcake for my teacher who is one of my favorites and the picture directions are from Miss Kindergarten Love!! 

This is my reading and math workboard wall. Soon this area will be filled with important work for the kiddos!!

Calendar board.  Here's hoping the teachers cauldron make some new September calendar cards ( best of all they are free!!). I used them for June and loved them!  Until then I need to reuse some old cards. It look so empty!!

Eek!!  I still need to finish unpacking my book nook!  I'm not sure why I'm avoiding it but I haven't done it. It's a MUST do tomorrow!!

Let me know what you think of my room!!  Ideas??  What can I make better or more clear??  

Ill be back tomorrow with my ready confetti presents for the kids and a flip book we are trying out to help streamline all the back to school information for families!

Thanks for reading!!
The teacher mom

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