-ew and -ue Vowel Teams Pack :)

We are back and can you believe it?  There are only 2 more vowel team packs left!  I feel like we just started making these and it seemed overwhelming!  We are sharing a pack today working on –ew and –ue vowel teams.  We will be back with the final pack (-au and –aw) the first week in May (hopefully).  We will also bundle the sets as we have in the past, to help you save!!

Here is the –ew and –ue pack preview:

Find the whole set HERE!

Hopefully you are all seeing signs of SPRING arriving!  We had a few great days at the beginning of the week, but we woke up to SNOW one morning last week and RAIN today - I NEED some sun - Florida totally spoiled this lady!! J

Science Blog Hopping!!

I am back again participating in the April Blog Hop with a bunch of AMAZING teacher authors.  This month we are celebrating science and all of our products are science related.  This month we got to decide whether to offer a FREEBIE or have a GIVEAWAY.  I made a FREEBIE partially because I am currently in sunny FLORIDA with the Little Lady visiting DISNEY!!  It’s her first trip!  YAHOO! 

My firsties study weather at the beginning of every year and then collect weather data throughout the year.  We compare weather types and temperatures throughout the year and make predictions based on what we have learned. 

My freebie includes all of what you will need to do this in your classroom!

You will find 2 posters:

This one explains different types of weather.

This one explains an easy way to describe the temperature using colors. 

You will find a graph that can be reproduced for each month and even enlarged for whole class use. 

Then, I have included a weather calendar that can also be used to record the weather and temperature for each day.  I use this one whole class, but it could easily be used on an individual basis too. 

Finally, I have included a quick data analysis sheet that students can answer after each month.  This helps them compare data and make informed predictions about the changes in weather. 

You can find the FREEBIE HERE!  Please think about following me on TPT!!

I would LOVE to know what you think about this pack.  This is my first foray into creating science materials for other teachers and it was fun!  I am thinking about creating a version of this as a paid product (including graphs and calendars for each month with matching clip art in color and black and white).  Is this something you would use??

The HOP, HOP, HOP continues…

Hop along and grab a FREEBIE or enter a GIVEAWAY at Crayons and Cuties in Kindergarten.

Trade and Grade with A Sunny Day In First Grade

I am SUPER excited to be participating in my second Trade and Grade!  This month the ALWAYS AMAZING Amanda from The Primary Gal paired us up and I was paired with Sarah from A Sunny Day in First Grade.  It was PERFECT timing – this bossy R set was EXACTLY what my firsties needed!  

The pack is CHOCK full of goodies!  It has independent practice pages, literacy center activities, and a SUPER CUTE craftivity!  Read on and see how my kiddos used the pack and Sarah has been SO SO SWEET and share a sample of her pack with my readers!  Please tell her how much you LOVE it by leaving a comment here or over on her blog!  She is writing all about one of my packs on her blog, so check it out!! J


How often are you looking for quick practice for your kiddos to complete?  I know that I like to have kids complete a practice reinforce page daily as one of their activities during literacy center time.  These practice pages all reinforce words with er, ir, or ur.  Here are some pics of them completing these sheets! 

This one was their favorite!

There are multiple versions of this one – which is great practice!

Literacy Centers

This pack includes 2 sorts.  The first sort asks students to look at words and sort them into er, ir, and ur groups.  Here’s a peek at a few of my firsties working on it.

The second sort asks the kiddos to match a picture to a word that has an er, ir, or ur.  I wanted to get a picture of them working on this one, but I missed it!!

This game asked kids to read the words and color the box if they got it correct. We used laminated mats and dry erase markers. This was a favorite and they asked to play again and again!  

Finally, the pack has a FABULOUS booklet that could launch the unit.  She has them organized in two ways to match what is easier for you (teacher assembly or child assembly).  My kids LOVED reading and coloring the book.

And this was the perfect set up for….


We do A LOT of crafts in my classroom and I LOVE when they connect so easily to what I am teaching.  The kiddos fell in LOVE with the dog from the mini book they read and colored and in this craft they got to meet him again! 

The craft is easy to copy and cut and put together. 

In the end, kiddos get to come up with ir, er, and ur words that they can spell.  Many of my kids could do this independently, but some benefitted from working in groups and using the room for ideas and spelling tips. 

How cute are these??

I am SO excited to have been able to try this unit out this year and plan to use it again next year!  Are you as excited as I am?  Sarah was SWEET enough to share a sample freebie with you!  Find it HERE

Ready to buy the whole pack?  Find it HERE!

Also, check out A Sunny Day in First Grade to hear how her kiddos liked one of my phonics game packs!  You can get my freebie HERE.  

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Grade 2 Science Writing Posters

So, I know I PROMISED the last 2 sets of Grade 2 Writing posters BEFORE I left for Disney.  But what did I do…?  I forgot one of the units in my classroom!!  EEK!!  I am SO SO SO sorry.  I leave for Disney at an ungodly hour in the am (I think our flight is at 7, so that means up at 4??), but before I go I will leave you with one of the writing units – the nonfiction for grade 2 which focuses on science writing. 

Here is the preview:

Find the whole pack HERE!

I will miss you all while I am gone, but don’t worry I have two posts ready to go for you while I am gone – BOTH with some FREEBIES for you to enjoy!!

A Little Time For Me

Who can empathize with this….

Saturday morning, I woke up so motivated!  I was going to attack my to-do list and make a BIG dent before taking the little lady to ballet.  Best of all – the cleaning lady (who comes once a month, but for some reason hasn’t come in 6 weeks) was coming first thing Monday morning. 

Then, it all went awry!  Cleaning lady texted that actually Friday would be better (add some more items to that to-do list).  Then while getting some bloggy work done the computer needed to be plugged in.  I went to get the charger and BOOM – I realized I left it at work.  CRAP -  Too much to do and no charger (of course the place I work has a different generation of computer than my friends who have the same one so I can’t borrow!).  I even looked online to buy a new one - $80!  No thanks!  Finally, I remembered that a sweet friend from work’s daughter has ballet at the same time as the little lady – Success.  We can head to her house after ballet -  THE DAY IS SAVED!

Wait… Not so fast!  Ballet and power cord –check.  We arrive home to a dad’s day outside the house.  One of the first nice spring weekends and the neighborhood men were outside making the yard look nice.  Perfect- right??  Well not really – Some how I ended up with 7 kids for lunch – by myself!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE these kids.  We play all the time, but I really needed some time to get this stuff done (and really did we need a bigger mess?)  In any event, I survived the impromptu lunch and playdate x7 and even got the little lady and her bestie to help clean up!
So…what did I do after the calm returned?  I did something for me… I had an afternoon cup of coffee and curled up on the newly warmed deck in the sun with a book.  It was the BEST medicine. 

I’m not trying to say that I had a bad day or even a tough day.  It just wasn’t the Saturday I had envisioned and doing something for me at the end of it was exactly what the doctor ordered! 

My friends at raise.com are launching a campaign called "Give Yourself A Break" and I am excited to participate with them.  Raise.com is a way to buy and sell gift cards (can anyone say SALE?)  Visit my friends at raise.com to find a way to indulge yourself in a way that works for you!  Visit their site HERE to buy something to treat YOU and check out how you can sell your unwanted/needed gift cards HERE

How do you treat yourself?  I want to hear!!