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Count Your Blessings!

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All I Want For BLACK FRIDAY!!!

I'm joining my best blogger friends over at The Primary Pack for another fun adventure! We are celebrating Black Friday in a fun way (and a little early). There is no word yet if there will be a Black Friday sale but regardless, we are sharing a few of our most wish-listed items in our carts and our stores. We are also a HUGE Black Friday Giveaway, check it out below, you don't want to miss it!

1.  Let's Take A Closer Look by A Year of Many Firsts - We are trying to use close reading with firsties, but I need some materials!!

2.  Send Home Science! Amazing Kits to Extend Science Learning at Home - Holiday Presents??

3.  Handprint Calendar Gift

4.  First Grade RTI Binder

5.  Ten Apples - Making Combinations of 10

Drumroll please.... Check out this HUGE giveaway package you can win by entering below! There is a resource from almost everyone in The Primary Pack, perfect for all primary grades!! Good luck, friends and happy shopping! 

Drumroll please.... Check out this HUGE giveaway package you can win by entering below! There is a resource from almost everyone in The Primary Pack, perfect for all primary grades!! Good luck, friends and happy shopping!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now It's Your Turn To Join The Fun! 

Just a few rules to follow and your on your way:
1. Download the images above!
2. Add your favorite sellers products in your TpT cart to the "My Black Friday Wishlist"
3. Add your own products to the "For Your Black Friday Wishlist"
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Thankful Thankful Thankful

This of course is a week that we all take time to recognize the things we have and the people we have that we are so very thankful for.  It is something I wish I took time for more often.  So, today I am linking up with my sweet bloggy friend, Elyse from A is for Apples, so write about 4 things I am thankful for!

 I am BEYOND lucky to have an amazing family.  I know so many people say that, but I really am.  I met my husband when I was 10 and we have been friends ever since. I love that I am truly married to my best friend - even if he does drive me bananas sometimes ;)
I also have the perfect little lady.  She will be 5 soon and while she may be my only one, I cannot thank God enough for her.  I may not have blessed with anymore kids at this point, but she is the best anyone could hope for!

 I am not the person who believes that more is better when it comes to friends.  I have a few close friends and I am more than loyal to them.  They make me happy and remind me to laugh and smile, even when I don't feel like it - For you all - and you know who you are - I am thankful!

 We bought our house, just days after returning from our honeymoon and threw every penny into our house.  Since then things haven't always been smooth sailing (my husband was out of work for a year - He was laid off when my daughter was only 7 weeks old).  But through it all we worked at making our house a home.  Now, with the help of TPT and my blog we are back working at our house - refinished floors were just completed and the bathrooms are next!

Sometimes change is hard, but sometimes it is exactly what you need.  My school got a new principal this year and she is WONDERFUL, AMAZING< MIRACULOUS...I could go on.  I have never met or even heard of such a hands-on administrator who has such respect for her teachers.  This year has been a breath of fresh air in my teaching life - Thanks Beth! 

I hope you all are having a nice time reflecting on what you are thankful for - let me know if the comments!

I'm so excited to announce that it's my sweet bloggy friend Melissa's Birthday Bash today through Tuesday evening!
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Hi Again!

Two posts in one day - can you say CRAZY??!!??

This one will be short, however!  I just wanted to remind my bloggy friends to hop over to FB, so you can check out some AMAZING freebies!

Start HERE at my FB page.  I have 2 freebies (one for second and one for Kinders) and from there you can click to see more at The Primary Gal's page.  There are TONS to choose from!

Happy freebie collecting!

You Oughta Know!

How have I been missing participating in Jasmine’s You Oughta Know blog hops!  The last two months have F-L-O-W-N by.  Getting the kiddos settled is always such a production, but some days I was feeling as though there was no time left for me!

In any event, I am back to share a new app that my classroom is using to publish their personal narrative stories…MY STORY!

My Story is a PAID app in iTunes ($3.99).  I believe my school system got a package deal because it paid for all K-2 classrooms to have the app on 5 iPads, but still $3.99 for what you get isn't so bad.  
Here is the first screen you see.  Since we have kids sharing the iPads this is a great way for kids to not get missed up in other's stories.  

You can even add a picture (so not a great pic of me, but what can you do...).

Next kids get to choose a title for their books and a color for the cover. 

I like the students to type their text (in this case they are copying from a book they have already handwritten and edited/revised) first, before working on the pictures.  

Here is the text on the page.

Now, I work on pictures.  There are lots of different styles on drawing tools.  My "big" fingers seemed to like the pencil size lines, but there are marker and paint tools, as well as stickers and photo options.  

Finally, there is the option of recording the stories!  These are my final slides.  Clearly I am NOT an artist, but I wanted to give you an idea of how the books are put together.  

This week I introduce the app to kids and 
gave them time to work on books with partners to check out the app.  Next week we start publishing and then I hope to have final stories done and uploaded for families by the end of next week!  I will be sure to let you know how it goes!

Thanks for coming by again this month and I hope you got some new ideas to use in your room.  Leave a note in the comments to let me know if you have any ideas about how you may use My Story in your room!