-ed, -ing, -es, -s - It's a SUFFIX party!

I cannot believe that we are already up to Unit 13!  When Mel and I started these units, we were just starting out here on TPT and figuring out what in the world we were doing.  Now here we are almost 6 months later and we have all of you!  Thanks for the love, support, and listening ears as we found our way!

We are bringing you our second to last FUNdations practice pack for first grade.  (If you teach k, 2, or 3 we are in the planning stages for those…)  This unit focuses on adding the suffixes –ed and –ing to two syllable words and adding the suffix –es to all words taught thus far. 

Here is a preview of the pack:

You can find the set HERE!

Stay tuned.  We hope to have Unit 14 out this week and then we will be bundling the WHOLE YEAR for some BIG BIG BIG savings! 

Also, the next FREE-FOR-ALL starts on Friday 4.4!!!  I promise I will share more soon!!

Are you GO NOODLING yet?

Are you?  Are you? 

Last weekend, I was catching up on all of my favorite teacher blogger posts from the week, when I came across the always AMAZING Kelley Dolling from The TeacherIdea Factory.  She was SINGING the praises of this Go Noodle.  She talked about how using these brain breaks changed the way her firsties attended and participated in the afternoons. 

I was intrigued…

So Monday morning, I set up a FREE account (there are paid versions, but so far there are SO SO many options in the FREE version, I will be using new breaks everyday!).  I was excited to talk to the kiddos about it.  After lunch I had the projector and computer all ready to go and the kiddos were SUPER PUMPED about trying this out, but to be honest I had NO idea what we were getting into.  Day #1 – We chose ZUMBA.  The kids and I had so much fun!  This was an energy booster for sure.  After day one – I realized that I NEEDED to continue using this!

Day #2 we tried yoga!  LOVED this calming brain break.  Day #3 we tried a dancing chicken (raise the roof) and TODAY we went running with Lolo Jones (see the short video of us running in the classroom below).

Since the first time we tried it, we have decided on GO NOODLE spots!  These spots are the same each day, so we don’t have to spend time figuring out who goes where and making sure we have enough space. 
Go Noodle has REVOLUTIONIZED my afternoon teaching.  The kids are more energized (but not coo-coo!) and they are more engaged in their learning.  Other adults in my building have been stopping by to participate with us (I got our AP into the dancing chicken yesterday!). 

Are YOU ready to try go noodle?  CLICK HERE for a direct link (once you register you can try a demo mode to see what some of the brain breaks are!)


You all know that I LOVE games (Have I said that a time or 2??)  Well, I am lucky enough to be collaborating with some AMAZING bloggy teachers who also have a LOVE of games.  This blog hop includes a learning game FREEBIE at each stop!

You think that is it?  NO WAY!!!  Each blogger is also hosting his or her own GIVEAWAY – Rafflecopter style! 

Today I am sharing with you one of my latest packs – VOWEL TEAM –ai and –ay!  Four games are included in the full pack:  BINGO, I Have…Who Has..?, Race to the Bay, and BUMP.  My kiddos have now played ALL of these and of course they love them (Who doesn’t love to play games at school??)

Here is a preview of the FULL pack:

Get it HERE!!

Want to try it before you buy it??  Here is the FREE preview!

Into VOWEL TEAMS right now?  I bundled three vowel team game packs into one (-ai and –ay, -ee, -ea, and –ey, and –oi and –oy sets).  This is on sale this weekend only!!  Regular price $7.  This weekend…ONLY $4. 

Here is the preview…

Find the whole pack HERE!!

Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY.

a Rafflecopter giveaway KEEP on HOPPING the FREEBIES and GIVEAWAYS keep on coming.  Next on the hop is…  I am having trouble with the picture link, so if it doesn't take you there...CLICK HERE!

2 Scoops of Kindergarten


We are going VOWEL TEAM CRAZY!

The kiddos in my room have been LOVING these centers.  Each week we have focused on a new set of vowel teams and since the games were kept consistent the main teaching I have been doing is directly on the vowel teams, and very little on the directions on how to play!!

This week we are sharing our oi and oy vowel teams pack.  As with the first 2 sets there is a race board game, BUMP, Bingo, and I Have…Who Has…?

Here is a preview…

Find the whole set HERE!

Also, if you haven’t gotten the first 2 packs yet, I BUNDLED all 3 together for a BIG savings for you!  Find the BUNDLE HERE!

Lots coming up in April – 4 BIG BIG events that I am participating in – Can’t wait to share with you!

Games, Games, Games

Games, Games, Games…

If there is one thing I have learned about first grade I know that routines and expectations are paramount.  If there is a second thing I have learned about first grade it would be to make it FUN!

And that is exactly what we aim to do.  In Unit 10 of Grade 1 FUNdations, students are learning how to read and write words with 5 sounds (blends at the beginning and end of words) and how to add the suffixes –ed and –ing to words.  This game pack will help you practice all of these skills.  3 games geared toward blends and 2 geared toward suffixes –ed and –ing. 

Here is a preview…

Check out the whole pack HERE.  It will be on sale for $2 (50% off) for the first 24 hours it’s up – so grab it FAST!!