Lucy Calkins Kindergarten Style...

I guess a lot of you have started using Lucy Calkins' REVISED writing program this year, because I continue to get AWESOME love for my poster packs.  I am now working on the Opinion Writing Units (Grade 1 has already been released).  Today I am stopping by for a SUPER short visit to share my Kindergarten Opinion Writing Poster Pack.  You can get all 11 posters for only 2.50.  You can find the set HERE.  

Before you buy, take a quick look at what you will get...

I am saying good bye for now...I will be back by THURSDAY at the latest to let you know about the AMAZING pack Melanie and I made for the Free-For-All this weekend!  

Have a GREAT week!


  1. We are going to the new units of study next year. I have begun following your store so I will be ready. Maria

  2. These are really great posters. On the Writer's Don't Say How Do You Spell Poster- I think there is a typo that you might want to fix.It says "Listen or the little words." Do you mean "Listen for the little words." I just added this poster set to my wishlist. Just waiting for the next big sale on TPT. Thanks Regina You have a great blog. I am glad I found you on the forum.

  3. EEK! Thanks for the catch! Fixing it now and the revised set can be redownloaded by anyone who has already purchased! SO SORRY!!

    Abbey :)