What A Weekend!

Did you get some AMAZING freebies this weekend?  I loaded up on some great products to use in my room, but best of all, I met some WONDERFUL ladies.  I feel like they are friends.  This whole blogging, TPT, FB experience really has been inspiring for me.  And I just want to share how thankful I am for all of you.

Ok...enough sappy sweet love...onto some phonics! :)

Melanie and I have put together almost a whole years worth of practice packs to match first grade Fundations!  We have also started a set of games to go with the units.  The first unit of games we did was for Unit 7 -nk and -ng words.  This was our FREEBIE last weekend, so if you checked us out on FB you may have downloaded it.  You can find it HERE for $5.  There are 6 games included - Bingo, Memory, Build-and-Spell a Word, I Have...Who Has...?, Trick Word Coloring, and Real and Nonsense Word Sort.  We have been using them in our classrooms as a reteaching tool for some of our kiddos who didn't master the skill during the unit, but if we had made them earlier they could have been a part of our word work center time too!

Here is a quick peek:

Mel and I also finished up the next in the practice pack series today - Unit 10!  Unit 10 is unique in our opinion because it has a DUAL focus - 5 sound blends (branch, stunt) and Suffixes -ed and -ing.  You can find the pack HERE for $3.  You can also try to enter our FB giveaway if you read this in time.  I will choose a random winner at 7pm EST on 1.30.14.  Just visit our FB page at www.facebook.com/ateachermom1 (make sure you "LIKE" us).  

Take a sneak peek of the pack before you enter:


  1. Hey Abbey! What's this Fundations program? is it for spelling...we need a new spelling program ours is not very good...I bought your spelling packet from tpt the other day for a few of my lower kids

    Teach Train Triumph!

  2. HI!! Thanks for your purchase!! Fundations is phonics program, but we also base all our spelling off if it. It was published by Wilson (they have a Special Education Reading Program). It's worth taking a look at since you need a spelling program. It's a great two-for-one (phonics and spelling). :)

  3. Thank you so much for creating things specifically for Fundations. We use that program at our school and it's hard to find things that match it perfectly. I really appreciate it.

    Compassionate Teacher