-ai and -ay game pack!

Have you been enjoying this BIRTHDAY WEEK?  I think it may have become my favorite week to be a teacher!

In the midst of a SUPER busy week, we found sometime to finish our latest game pack. 

If you have the newest version of Grade 1 FUNdations, you will have noticed that kids are introduced to many new sounds that were not found in the previous version.  Don’t get me wrong, I am HAPPY that they decided to include them for first grade, since kiddos need to be able to read words with those sounds to reach benchmark in reading.  Even if you don’t use FUNdations, this game pack will be great for you to help kids READ words with the vowel teams –ai and –ay.  You can get it HERE in my little store!

The pack includes 4 games:

Race To the Bay (includes a spinner along with the gameboard)

-ai and –ay BUMP

I Have…Who Has…? (using only –ai and –ay words)


I am going to be giving away 2 of these game packs (maybe a bonus if I get lots of comments)!  Please make sure you follow me on FB and TPT and leave a comment below or on the FB page.

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