You all know that I LOVE games (Have I said that a time or 2??)  Well, I am lucky enough to be collaborating with some AMAZING bloggy teachers who also have a LOVE of games.  This blog hop includes a learning game FREEBIE at each stop!

You think that is it?  NO WAY!!!  Each blogger is also hosting his or her own GIVEAWAY – Rafflecopter style! 

Today I am sharing with you one of my latest packs – VOWEL TEAM –ai and –ay!  Four games are included in the full pack:  BINGO, I Have…Who Has..?, Race to the Bay, and BUMP.  My kiddos have now played ALL of these and of course they love them (Who doesn’t love to play games at school??)

Here is a preview of the FULL pack:

Get it HERE!!

Want to try it before you buy it??  Here is the FREE preview!

Into VOWEL TEAMS right now?  I bundled three vowel team game packs into one (-ai and –ay, -ee, -ea, and –ey, and –oi and –oy sets).  This is on sale this weekend only!!  Regular price $7.  This weekend…ONLY $4. 

Here is the preview…

Find the whole pack HERE!!

Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY.

a Rafflecopter giveaway KEEP on HOPPING the FREEBIES and GIVEAWAYS keep on coming.  Next on the hop is…  I am having trouble with the picture link, so if it doesn't take you there...CLICK HERE!

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