Dear Future Teacher...Classroom Decor


Welcome to a 6 week link up with some of my amazing blogger friends!  We are here to help you first year teachers get what you need on the budget you have.

First up- this week we will chat about classroom decor!

The most important thing I can tell you as a new teacher is that it all doesn't happen overnight - Every year I add/change/delete things from my room.  I am not sure anything from my original design has lasted all 12 years!

Above is my word wall and math alphabet.  

Find my word wall for Kinders HERE, for first graders HERE and for second graders HERE!  If you like the word wall, but are looking for a different theme, just email me ( and let me know your theme, I will upload it to TPT for the same price!  DOUBLE BONUS - I also am happy to add in each of your students' names to match the word wall for no extra charge- just email!!

The math alphabet is a super cute find I found - HERE!

 I don't have a ton of space for a focus wall or an objectives chart, so I made this with a piece of poster board and sentence strips.  Then I just typed a title (Today we will..) and the subject areas.  Finally, I laminated it and use a dry erase marker and wipe each day!  I have used this model for two years and both times it lasted the entire school year!

I also use a birthday board to celebrate b-days!  I have 2 in my store for only $2 each!  Right now I have a Primary Colors Theme

And a Jungle Theme.

The cool thing I am offering again this year, is that is you like the b-day board but have a different theme, just email me ( and I will make your theme and upload it to my store for the same price - $2! 

Happy Decorating!!

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