Learn Like A Pirate - Chapter #5 - Responsibility

Sorry my sweet friends - I am late to the party this week!  This preggo wasn't feeling great last night and then was up for most of the night!  Then finally fell asleep with my little lady and we slept until 8:30! Then of course we were supposed to be packed and ready for a week at the beach by 10 - EEK!!

Now we have arrived - a little too late for the beach - and everyone is relaxing, so I thought I would take a super quick second to share some thoughts about Chapter 5 - responsibility!

I LOVE the idea of encouraging responsibility in students!  I do have jobs in the classroom, but I also think what Paul talked about has merit - Some of the jobs I assign could be better completed by kids realizing that there was a job to do and just doing it!

I also really liked the section about other students reminding students who may have forgotten to complete their job - not having it be the teacher's responsibility!

I will admit I was not in love with Silent Day!  I just don't think I could do it!  I would have a long way to work to be ready for that one!

Until next week - read on!!

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