My Talent

I can totally remember complaining to my mom as a little kid that I wasn't good at anything.  I guess it wasn't so much that I was BAD at a lot of things, but that I wasn't especially great at anything.  I danced - I was ok.  I did fine in school.  I was not athletic.  I was just average.  

I also remember my mom telling me that she was just like me as a kid and it wasn't until she was a grown up until she realized some things that she was great at.  To me that sounded like it was eons away, but now as an adult I can tell you that she was correct - I am pretty good at some things (things I never would have thought I would be) - it just took awhile to figure it all out!!

A few summers ago my sister-in-law suggested we take a cake decorating class - I love crafty things, so I said sure, but to be honest I couldn't get into it...

This was my final cake...

A few months later we decided to take class #2 and we met and amazing teacher (Marzi) and she taught me so much!

Since then I have been having fun making cakes for friends and family.  

Here are a few I have made...

Many people have suggested that I sell my cakes - not that I have tons of extra time, but I did start a Facebook page for my "venture".  At the very least it's a place where I can save all of the pictures of my cakes!  And who knows maybe some day I will have an paid order! ;)

What are some of your talents?  What are you good at?  Have you been great at it since you were little or did you find your talents as you got older??  I am dying to know!!


  1. Your cakes are absolutely amazing!! I would definitely order from you! They look brilliant! You should definitely continue with the Facebook page and keeping everyone up to date - who knows what it could turn in to! You have a lot of potential they are fabulous!

    Teaching Autism

  2. As someone who is not at all crafty, I am super impressed!

  3. Those cakes are excellent! I was exactly the same as a child and am still searching for my talent. Before I had children, I filled my extra time with creating teaching material for my students. Now that I have children, I have no extra time :) Maybe when my son goes off to school...

    Learning with Sunflower Smiles

  4. Hi Abbey!

    Thanks for coming and linking up! My daughter has gotten me into Cake Boss and I am in awe of everyone who is able to design and decorate cakes! Wow! I made an Easter Bunny cake one year and I couldn't believe how much work went into it! Your cakes look great!