Made it Monday- Summer Fun!

Good Morning my friends!  Yes, I realize that it is Wednesday, but I am telling you this weekend away totally got away from me.  I made this project last week.  Took all of the pictures.  All I needed to do was write the post - Did that happen - NOPE!!  

Oh well!!  What are you going to do??  I loved this project and it was actually way easier than I anticipated, so I hope you love it too!!

I made a banner last week, but I love those block signs that are all over Etsy and Pinterest.  I thought that I would be able to make one.  

My little lady and I headed to Michael's to get the goods.  

I found wood in small and large blocks - I got 3 of each.  The HUBS was not thrilled that I spent $$$ on pre-cut wood as he could have done it cheaper - but he's been working a ton and I didn't feel like waiting.  It's nice to have options!

I picked up 6 sheets of scrapbook paper.  I am HORRIBLE about saving scraps, but summer or bright scrapbook paper scraps would have been PERFECT too!

I also bought some white vinyl to use in the Cricut, but ended up choosing to use some colored vinyl sheets I had purchased a LONG LONG time ago - I thought they would stand out better.  

It was so easy to put together - I traced the wood blocks and cut the paper to match.  Then mod podged the paper to the blocks.  Let it dry - of course.  Then I played around with the Cricut to make the letters.  I am not a Cricut expert, so it takes me some time to get the size just right.  Finally, I placed the letters on the blocks and it is ready to display!

So easy!!

I hope you like what you see - It was fun and cute and best of all easy!!

I have another made it Monday that I am working on for next week - and it's baby themed!  4 weeks til baby!!

Until then - I would love to hear from you.  What are you crafting this week??


  1. Those are so cute. I still haven't talked myself into buying vinyl for the Cricut. Thanks for the ideas.
    The Moving Teacher

  2. Love it! What cricut cartridge did you use?

    My Bright Blue House