You Oughta Know :)

I am SO excited to again be linking up with Jasmine from Buzzing With Mrs.McClain!  I have to say that this is one of my favorite blog hops to participate in – mostly because there are TONS of amazing ideas to read about!

This month I want to chat about place value…

We teach place value to the tens and ones places in January.  We use many hands on strategies to help our firsties to understand the concept and be able to use it while counting and adding. 

Now that we are truly preparing the little ones for second grade (EEK!)  We are adding in a lot of work with numbers in the hundereds.  Kids have had experience with these number, but now we are EXPECTING they to be able to read and write these numbers and have an understanding about what all of the digits mean. 

Of course the kiddos had some independent work.  This is a trading in sheet my work bestie made…

Find this HERE – Free of course! 

And they played an old favorite game from our place value learning earlier this year - Race To A Flat...

Find this HERE – Free of course! 

Then over the course of the two day lesson we made two crafty projects during our teacher time (I teach math using a guided math model). 

This one I found HERE from Smiling and Shining In First Grade. 

These cute monsters were a great way for me to make the connection between what we had learned about tens and ones and extend their understanding to the hundreds place. 

I made this anchor chart…

Based on this cute one I found at Ms. Winter’s Playground. 

Finally, I was in LOVE with the robot idea, so I had kids make a place value robot. 

How stinking cute are they??  Here is a copy of the recording sheet we used…

Hope you LOVED what you see and try some of these ideas out!

Keep on hopping – I’m telling you these ideas are AMAZING!!


  1. I am loving those robots, what a great idea to practice base ten blocks! I bet the kids had a blast creating them. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Wow, I am so honored that you mentioned me and my robot in this post!! Creating the robots is such a great idea......I will be doing that this next year. I would love to stay connected with you through my blog, Camping Out In Second :)