Why I Started Blogging

Hi Again!  I am excited to - for a second week – be linking up with Miss Monica from I Heart Grade 3!  This week the topic is “Why I Started Blogging”.  And for me there is no easy answer to this one…

So WAY WAY back in the spring of 2012 I got VERY into TPT!  Not as a seller at all, but as a buyer.  I LOVED everything that I saw and to be honest it lit a fire under my tush as a teacher.  I saw what I could be doing and I NEEDED to be doing those things too!  It was a great motivator and a teacher for me!

The following fall I continued to learn, make, and grow and I was encourage to share some of what I was doing with others.  I started my blog using blogger and used a basic template and blogged here and there about things I was doing in the classroom and some things I was making and creating at home – hence the Teacher Mom title. 

I dabbled in this throughout the year without ever really committing myself to the endeavor.  Until, I needed an outlet…

When I got pregnant with my first, it was as though we thought about being pregnant and boom we were.  I expected it to work the same way the second time.  But plans are made to be reworked and the second baby just wasn’t happening.  It was a very LONG process and to be honest my blog readers and my TPT customers made me stay sane through the whole thing.  I was not open about my struggles on the blog because I tend to keep it profesh – but once we had success – BABY #2 will be here in 12 weeks!!  I feel like I have to thank TPT and blogging – because it was an outlet for me – a place I could be successful or make mistakes and it got me out of my own head.  Thinking about my own problems. 

I have not been the best blogger since getting preggo.  The first bit was a lot tougher than the first time and school has been more challenging that expected this spring, but as I mosey into the summer and my upcoming maternity leave I am getting back on track with the blogging and creating. 

I am so happy to have you along with me on my journey as a teacher and as a mom.  Here’s to a great summer filled with everything and everyone you need to refresh yourself for the next school year!


  1. LOVED reading this! Congrats on baby # 2!!!!!!!! I completely agree that TPT and blogging is a great outlet!
    Happy Teaching!!!
    Chandra @ Teaching with Crayons and Curls

  2. Congratulations on Baby Number 2! Enjoy your maternity leave, what a fabulous blog post a brilliant read!!

  3. Hi Abbey!

    Hurray for baby number 2!!!

    This year, I have shared a lot of what life is like having a child in the public school system with ADHD and SPD. I can't begin to tell you how much encouragement and support I have found from being honest with my readers. Blogging has been a lifesaver for me.

    Here's hoping you will be able to link up throughout your very busy summer!



  4. Congrats on baby #2! After almost 2 years of trying, I'm finally into my second trimester for baby #1, so I understand. And I definitely understand the roughness. My first trimester I was barely able to stay awake until 6 or 7 p.m. at best! Thanks for sharing your blogging story!

    Teaching In A Nutshell
    Teaching In A Nutshell Designs

  5. It is hard to find time to blog so I understand about it being difficult while pregnant. I have my own and off moments with being a good blogger. Sometimes I really wonder how people do it all--make videos, keep up with social media, TPT, and blog daily. I want their energy! :) I love being in this link-up because it helps me to write when I have a topic.

  6. Abbey! You are super cute :) Congrats on the babe!! I have 4, and none are the same! Each pregnancy was so different, wishing you a great 12 weeks of relaxation (as much as you can with another little one) before the baby comes! I think the TpT community is so amazing! It's great that they gave you the support you needed during a trying time! I know I sometimes tend to put blogging on the backburner, but hopefully this summer, I too, can get back on track! Wishing you a restful, relaxing summer!

    Take care,
    -Momma with a Teaching Mission