Pinterest Pick 3~ May!

I am so excited to be linking up some of my super sweet bloggy friends!  I wanted to participate last month, but seriously time totally slipped away and then the night before we went live my little lady got the DREADED tummy bug!  Luckily the HUBS totally took over and we seemed to miss a direct hit.  Now we are healthy again (no jinx please) and I am ready to share some ideas for your classroom to use in May!

On Monday, I will be teaching my firsties about polygons.  They have been loving the geometry unit that we have been working through.  However, I know from experience polygons are tricky - especially when they have to explain why it is or is not a polygon.  

After using this anchor chart to introduce the rules and some additional shape names.

I will be playing the "Pick A Polygon" game!

We are also in the midst of teaching poetry.  It was supposed to be completed during the month of April, but between snow days and vacation, we are still plugging along.  

I found this video to intro onomatopoeia to kids!

Later, I will be having kids decorate their own papers with sound words!

I love to make end of year goodies for my firsties!  And these seem so cute - personalized too!

Thanks so much for checking out these ideas.  Want to try them out?  Please come back and tell me how they worked out!  Also, the link up will be open all month, so if you are a blogger and would like to join in - just write your own post and link it up!


  1. I love making end-of-the-year goodies for the students because it is one of the lasting moments we have before they move up a grade. Have a great day!!!

    The Dots of Teaching

  2. I am teaching polygons right now. Thank you for sharing your great ideas! I love the personalized gifts- so cute! :) Thank you for linking up and sharing your great pins! :)

  3. I love the end-of-year gift idea! I have seen a lot of bloggers using the word clouds for gifts but i like how they are used on clip boards here. Something they can keep and use for a long time. I am sure my kinders would LOVE their very own personalized clip board! Thanks for sharing!

    The Chalkboard Garden