My Goals For the Summer of 2015

I am SO Super excited to start of the summer joining in with a new weekly link up which gets a little personal, but a lot teachery too!  I will be linking up (hopefully) each week this summer with I HeartGrade 3! 

This week is the first week and we are all talking about or goals for the summer.  As teachers and as moms we all have them, so I wanted to share with you my goals for the summer.

Jokingly, I have been telling people all I want to do is make it alive until August 22nd.  If you didn’t know before I am due with my second kiddo then!  After having my first in December, I am SUPER nervous about being preggo all summer in the heat!  So, goal number #1 for the summer is get this baby cooked and ready, so we can meet him (hopefully on time and NOT late)!

Since, I imagine I will be wanting to be outside and active a bit less than usual, I am hoping to put some of that potential energy to good use in my TPT store.  I want (need!!) to update my covers, TOU pages, and create some links from within my PDF’s.  I’m also playing around with the idea of changing my blog design… thoughts???

 Finally, I want to be crafty this summer.  I try to make new things for the house all the time, but I seem to go in fits and spurts (read:  I made TONS of X-mas stuff and then nothing until my most recent patriotic run!)  I am looking forward to spending some time crafting and reading over the summer – Two things that may be left behind for a bit when TJ arrives! J

What are your goals for the summer?  Are there things that you would like to see on here – or in my store?  Comment below!

And make sure to come back next week when we chat about why I became a blogger! I’m already looking forward to that one!!!!

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  1. Hi Abbey!

    Thanks for joining in on my latest linky adventure! Glad you could participate!

    I am SO looking forward to reading next week's posts. I'm sure everyone has a very interesting story to tell!

    Thanks again, and here's wishing you a comfortable pregnancy this summer! All 3 of mine were born in August and September so I know what it feels like to be pregnant in the heat!

    All the best!