K writing posters, a late Christmas Gift, A Cake FAIL, and a FREEBIE

With how busy we have been, I have no idea how I have found time to get anything else done, but I have been ticking things off of the to-do list left and right!  We are off to our (I think) last Christmas party tonight!  Looking forward to a down-time day tomorrow including a pedi for the Little Lady and me!

Lucy Calkins Writing Posters - Kindergarten

A month or two ago I posted a pack of mini-posters that matched up with the Lucy Calkins Personal Narrative unit for First Grade.  I had a lot a great feedback and even a couple of requests for Kindergarten and 2nd grade versions.  Here are the K posters.  The 2nd grade posters will be up in the next couple of weeks! 


Yes I know what the date is...I have been working on this center for over a month (I started it on Turkey Day) and just finished yesterday.  I won't bore you with the details, but in case you wanted to celebrate Christmas in January you can find these math and literacy centers HERE.

Mitten Math Fact Match - Up 

*** FREEBIE ***

Here is a FREEBIE to welcome you all back from break! This activity will help your kiddos to review the math facts that you have been working on all year. Kids will match the pair of mittens (with a number model) to the mitten with the answer! You can find it HERE!

Petit Fours - FAIL ;)

So, I mentioned that we had a Christmas Party tonight.  I decided I wanted to make another cake from my cake book (the snowman came out so cute, so this one would too - RIGHT??

Here is what they were supposed to look like...

Here is what 2 of them looked like after 1 and 1/2 hours of trying to put fondant on...

Here is what the rest of them looked like when I gave up on the fondant and just attached the snowflake...

Haven't tried one yet, but hoping they at least taste good (since they don't look so PURTY).  Here's hoping the little lady's birthday cake comes out better tomorrow!!!  This is what she is looking for...

Is the week over already??

I can't believe Christmas is OVER and the first week of vacation is done too!  It all seems to be going so fast!  I hope you all had an AMAZING holiday week.  Santa was VERY good to the Little Lady and she has been busily playing with her goodies ever since.  The HUBS and I took her to the Polar Express last night (about an hour away) and we had a great time.  She loved being on the train and listening to the story and then was surprised by the hot cocoa and cookies while waving to Santa.  Then it was off to see the lights and finally a visit from Ho-Ho himself with a special bell!  It was well worth the drive, but it sure was exhausting!

This weekend doesn't give us a break either, but it is filled with all FUN and FAMILY!  Quick visit with good friends in the morning and a FANCY dinner for my Mom's birthday tomorrow night.  Then Sunday is dinner and football with the HUBS extended family.  I have a new cake design coming for Sunday!

In between all the holiday Hub-Bub, I did have a little bit of down time today to finish my fourth set of sight word games.  These games focus on the words put, about, had, no, she, are, going, long, there, call, let, out, were, drink, into, sing, only, new, fall, all. There are also blank cards for you to add your own words on 4 of the six games.  This pack included the games BINGO, UNO, Memory, Go-Fish, Chutes and Ladders, and Snowy Snowman.  Here's a little taste!

Please stop by and check it out HERE!

There are still a few things on my vacation to-do list, so hopefully I will make it back soon.  Until then - enjoy a few days with you families and friends and be sure to make some "you" time too! :)

Happy New Year's Centers, a FINISHED stocking, and a SNOWMAN Cake!

I told you I'd be back!  I was SUPER productive last night!  I finally finished my stocking - which is AMAZING since I have been the only member of my family without a FANCY stocking for years.  Here it is!!!

Here are the stockings all hung by the tree ready for Ho-Ho.

I also finished my latest math and literacy centers pack - for New Year's.  The PERFECT pack to start right when we get back.  Here's what's included:

You can find the pack HERE in my little store.  

I also put my new cake decorating skills to work today!  I wanted to make a cake for my mom's annual Christmas Eve party and this is how it turned out.  Not perfect (see the hat is a bit wonky), but overall, I think it came out great!

Merry Christmas Eve!  I hope Santa is good to you all!

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

We took the Little Lady to Disney on Ice last night as an early birthday present!  She LOVED it and so did I, though I could do with out all the markups ($12 for lemonade???).

Now, we are home today while the HUBS is at work.  We have lots to do...including a pedicure and making this cake...

I will post what it actually looks like when we are done.  I'm thinking it won't be nearly as nice as this one.

I also still have to finish sewing my Christmas stocking.  I have made them for everyone else in the family, but not me.  Here are the Little Lady's and the Hubs'...

My poor HUBS' stocking was damaged while we were upgrading our heating system, but mom did her best, but it's still spotty :(

Finally, I have been working on my third sight words game pack and I FINALLY finished it last night. I will admit it LATE and you probably won't be able to use it this year (especially since there are Elves and Santas- nothing like being late for the party!), but I really didn't want to leave until next year.  So here's a peek

You can find this pack HERE in my little store!

I'll stop by again and share some of my (hopefully) finished goodies before the BIG day!!

Have a great day and stay warm and cozy!

Welcome To Our Classroom!

I have SO MANY half-done projects to share that I am hoping to finish before Christmas.  I'm thinking I'll be on here once a day to share, so maybe you can get some last minute ideas (or some for next year!)  Today I am stopping by to share a quick freebie that I uploaded today.  I found out this week that I was getting a new Kiddo after the break.  This is a book that the kiddos made to introduce themselves and hopefully make our new friend a little more comfortable after his BIG move!

If I know far enough in advance, I like all of the kids currently in my room to help make a class book to welcome the new student. Here is a FREE resource if you would like to do the same. I didn't decorate the cover with clip art because I usually try to add stickers that are seasonal or are preferred activities for the child. 

Alright!  I am off to get some more done - What A BUSy time of year!  But I will leave you with a picture of my Little Lady getting ready for her first Nutcracker "performance" (5 minutes at the end of her ballet class where families were invited to watch).  


I saw this on Facebook tonight and WOW I can relate!!  Are you ready for break?  How about your kiddos??  I think my room was filled with more tattling today than everyday since school started combined.  The kids need a break from each other!

I won't keep you long, but I wanted to share our newest phonics pack on blends.  Here is an awesome pack to help your kiddos practice reading and writing words with the blends at the beginning and end of word. All you have to do is print and copy. It is closely aligned to CCSC and Wilson's Fundations program (unit 8 - blends). The pack includes 10 practice sheets (one for each day of the unit) and 4 trick word practice pages (would, should, could, her, over, number). You can find this pack HERE

Take a peek of the pack below!

Maybe I'll be back later this week!  A girl can hope right??  I have two sight word packs and a new years set of centers that I'm working on - on top of all the holidays stuff!  I can do it - RIGHT??