A Day Late and A Dollar Short

We took the Little Lady to Disney on Ice last night as an early birthday present!  She LOVED it and so did I, though I could do with out all the markups ($12 for lemonade???).

Now, we are home today while the HUBS is at work.  We have lots to do...including a pedicure and making this cake...

I will post what it actually looks like when we are done.  I'm thinking it won't be nearly as nice as this one.

I also still have to finish sewing my Christmas stocking.  I have made them for everyone else in the family, but not me.  Here are the Little Lady's and the Hubs'...

My poor HUBS' stocking was damaged while we were upgrading our heating system, but mom did her best, but it's still spotty :(

Finally, I have been working on my third sight words game pack and I FINALLY finished it last night. I will admit it LATE and you probably won't be able to use it this year (especially since there are Elves and Santas- nothing like being late for the party!), but I really didn't want to leave until next year.  So here's a peek

You can find this pack HERE in my little store!

I'll stop by again and share some of my (hopefully) finished goodies before the BIG day!!

Have a great day and stay warm and cozy!

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