Elves, New Year's Presents, and TWO Freebies Coming At YOU!

I know we are actually getting out earlier than usual for the holiday break, but I have to say I feel like time is moving so slowly (but of course there is NEVER enough time to get everything done).  I shared some ways we celebrated Hanukkah in our classroom last week and today I will be sharing one way we celebrated a Christmas tradition (CUPCAKE style!).  I also have TWO FREEBIES in the post for you!  Happy EARLY break!

I joined in on the Five For Friday Linky Again...

1.  Winter I Have...Who Has...?  FREEBIE

A few weeks ago I made a December/Holiday I Have...Who Has...? FREEBIE that has turned into my most downloaded item on TPT.  I am so thankful for everyone who has downloaded anything from my store or even just visited.  This experience has been really AMAZING for me - mentally, professionally, and personally. I honestly can't thank you all enough.  Here is a little treat to try to say thank you!!  I made a Winter version of I Have...Who Has...?  You can find it HERE! Take a look...

2.  Happy New Year Calendars - Presents for Families

Melanie's, my co-creator of the phonics packs, daughter came home with a calendar present for her last holiday break.  And ever since then, we have been thinking about how to make it work for us.  This is what we came up with...

We are taking pictures of each kiddo holding this super cute frame...

Then I will get them printed and I will attach them to this calendar...

I will then laminate each and attach a ribbon holder at the top.  How cute will they be?  Any pretty painless.  I will share a finished picture next week - Sorry to the families in my class who read this and find out about their New Year's present early - I just HAD to share!

I am also trying to get the Little Lady to make one for her teacher...Have to admit her picture is not turning out so well...At least the first graders did better :)

3.  Elf Magic

We all know that I LOVE all of the craftivities over at Cupcake for the Teacher and this week I made one of my favorites, so I needed to share.  Check out these cutie pie elves (girls and boys of course!).  You still have time to make them with your kiddos so take a look for them HERE.

4.  Animals in Winter - FREEBIE

We have been talking a lot in science and guided reading about animals and where they live.  This week I read Animals In Winter aloud and we talked specifically about what animals do during the winter.  It was great to see and hear them talk about what they thought animals did and then find out what animals actually do when it gets cold!  

I uploaded a quick FREEBIE reading response to match the book.  You can find it HERE.  

Here is a preview!  Enjoy!

5.  Always Remember...

I will say goodbye for now, but if I get to tackle my To-Do list this weekend (sounds like we'll be snowed in!), I'll be back with more goodies!  Of course, since the HUBS works in the snow, I also will be on shovel patrol, so we will see what actually gets done! :)  

Stay warm and cozy!

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