Is the week over already??

I can't believe Christmas is OVER and the first week of vacation is done too!  It all seems to be going so fast!  I hope you all had an AMAZING holiday week.  Santa was VERY good to the Little Lady and she has been busily playing with her goodies ever since.  The HUBS and I took her to the Polar Express last night (about an hour away) and we had a great time.  She loved being on the train and listening to the story and then was surprised by the hot cocoa and cookies while waving to Santa.  Then it was off to see the lights and finally a visit from Ho-Ho himself with a special bell!  It was well worth the drive, but it sure was exhausting!

This weekend doesn't give us a break either, but it is filled with all FUN and FAMILY!  Quick visit with good friends in the morning and a FANCY dinner for my Mom's birthday tomorrow night.  Then Sunday is dinner and football with the HUBS extended family.  I have a new cake design coming for Sunday!

In between all the holiday Hub-Bub, I did have a little bit of down time today to finish my fourth set of sight word games.  These games focus on the words put, about, had, no, she, are, going, long, there, call, let, out, were, drink, into, sing, only, new, fall, all. There are also blank cards for you to add your own words on 4 of the six games.  This pack included the games BINGO, UNO, Memory, Go-Fish, Chutes and Ladders, and Snowy Snowman.  Here's a little taste!

Please stop by and check it out HERE!

There are still a few things on my vacation to-do list, so hopefully I will make it back soon.  Until then - enjoy a few days with you families and friends and be sure to make some "you" time too! :)

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