Welcome To Our Classroom!

I have SO MANY half-done projects to share that I am hoping to finish before Christmas.  I'm thinking I'll be on here once a day to share, so maybe you can get some last minute ideas (or some for next year!)  Today I am stopping by to share a quick freebie that I uploaded today.  I found out this week that I was getting a new Kiddo after the break.  This is a book that the kiddos made to introduce themselves and hopefully make our new friend a little more comfortable after his BIG move!

If I know far enough in advance, I like all of the kids currently in my room to help make a class book to welcome the new student. Here is a FREE resource if you would like to do the same. I didn't decorate the cover with clip art because I usually try to add stickers that are seasonal or are preferred activities for the child. 

Alright!  I am off to get some more done - What A BUSy time of year!  But I will leave you with a picture of my Little Lady getting ready for her first Nutcracker "performance" (5 minutes at the end of her ballet class where families were invited to watch).  

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