I saw this on Facebook tonight and WOW I can relate!!  Are you ready for break?  How about your kiddos??  I think my room was filled with more tattling today than everyday since school started combined.  The kids need a break from each other!

I won't keep you long, but I wanted to share our newest phonics pack on blends.  Here is an awesome pack to help your kiddos practice reading and writing words with the blends at the beginning and end of word. All you have to do is print and copy. It is closely aligned to CCSC and Wilson's Fundations program (unit 8 - blends). The pack includes 10 practice sheets (one for each day of the unit) and 4 trick word practice pages (would, should, could, her, over, number). You can find this pack HERE

Take a peek of the pack below!

Maybe I'll be back later this week!  A girl can hope right??  I have two sight word packs and a new years set of centers that I'm working on - on top of all the holidays stuff!  I can do it - RIGHT??

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