K writing posters, a late Christmas Gift, A Cake FAIL, and a FREEBIE

With how busy we have been, I have no idea how I have found time to get anything else done, but I have been ticking things off of the to-do list left and right!  We are off to our (I think) last Christmas party tonight!  Looking forward to a down-time day tomorrow including a pedi for the Little Lady and me!

Lucy Calkins Writing Posters - Kindergarten

A month or two ago I posted a pack of mini-posters that matched up with the Lucy Calkins Personal Narrative unit for First Grade.  I had a lot a great feedback and even a couple of requests for Kindergarten and 2nd grade versions.  Here are the K posters.  The 2nd grade posters will be up in the next couple of weeks! 


Yes I know what the date is...I have been working on this center for over a month (I started it on Turkey Day) and just finished yesterday.  I won't bore you with the details, but in case you wanted to celebrate Christmas in January you can find these math and literacy centers HERE.

Mitten Math Fact Match - Up 

*** FREEBIE ***

Here is a FREEBIE to welcome you all back from break! This activity will help your kiddos to review the math facts that you have been working on all year. Kids will match the pair of mittens (with a number model) to the mitten with the answer! You can find it HERE!

Petit Fours - FAIL ;)

So, I mentioned that we had a Christmas Party tonight.  I decided I wanted to make another cake from my cake book (the snowman came out so cute, so this one would too - RIGHT??

Here is what they were supposed to look like...

Here is what 2 of them looked like after 1 and 1/2 hours of trying to put fondant on...

Here is what the rest of them looked like when I gave up on the fondant and just attached the snowflake...

Haven't tried one yet, but hoping they at least taste good (since they don't look so PURTY).  Here's hoping the little lady's birthday cake comes out better tomorrow!!!  This is what she is looking for...

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