Made it Monday!

I am super excited to be crafting again!  I found this link up at 4th Grade Frolics and decided that I HAD to share something I made this weekend.  Now, of course it looks like the link up may not happen every week, but if it goes live tomorrow then I am all about linking up - and if not, well then you all just got to see a little crafting up in here for fun :)

I found this pin on Pinterest a few weeks ago and knew that these would look amazing on my awkward stove/countertop that needs some decorating.  Best of all I think they would last for the summer, since we have Memorial Day (yes I realize I am late for that one), Flag Day, July 4th, and Labor Day!

I went to Michael's and picked up the mason jars, paint, brushes, and some painters tape.  I also got some fake flowers because I knew I would not be good about changing them regularly.  I really wanted hydrangeas, but they were $14 for 1!!!  SMH!!  I'm not sure what type I ended up with but I LOVE them!

Sorry about the messy table.  I have been able to do NOTHING without a little lady friend moving into my my work table got small FAST!

I painted the jars with acrylic paint - 3 coats each, but if you were hoping for a more distressed look you could probably use 1 or 2. 

Once those dried, I wanted to add the stars.  Of course I could find NOTHING in a star shape and my paint brushes were a bit too wide.  I was out of ideas, until I remembered that I just bought these oil paint pens for a soccer mom project...I used this one to outline the stars and then used the acrylic paint to fill them in.  

With the other two jars, I spread painters tape around the outside to make rows and painted the red over the white.  I did three coats again.  

Once they were dry, I peeled off the tape and add the cut fake flowers. 

And voila - Here they are!  

What do you think??  What did you make this weekend?  Share in the comments!!

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  1. Cute! These look great! I may have to do something like this to add color to my kitchen! Thanks for sharing!